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Oh My Yod!
(Or Yods, Kites, Grand Cross, and other Planetary Configurations)

The subject of planetary configurations in the birth chart appears to be a rather burning issue for a good many folks. In a very short span of time I've received numerous requests from visitors for information along these lines. I Like 'em. I like using planetary configurations such as Yods, Kites, Grand Squares, Grand Trines and such.

Connect The Dots
Most of the planetary configurations are named for what they look like when playing a Zodiacal version of "Connect The Dots" on the horoscopic wheel.

Here's an example of the Grand Cross (and upon looking at it, you now know why it's called the Grand Cross):

When casting a chart, generally the very first thing I do is look for images which visually "catch my eye."

And since planetary configurations are obviously quite visual, you might guess right that they manage to catch my eye with a fair amount of regularity.


Planets and Aspects

The planets in the astrological chart reflect images of pure archetypal, primal, instinctual core energy (which is just a fancier way of saying the planets are powerful and action oriented).

Aspects (for any novices who might have snuck in here) are special degrees of separation that connect the energies of two planets.

The more typical major Aspects (degrees of separation) are the:

conjunction - 0 degrees
opposition - 180 degrees
trine - 120 degrees
square - 90 degrees
sextile - 60 degrees
quincunx - 150 degrees

And when three or more planets are all connected to one another by these aspects, then you wind up having a planetary configuration.

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