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For the uninitiated, there is an astrological technique called astro-mapping. In one way or another astro-mapping has been around for the past couple of thousand years.

Modern day astro-mapping is accomplished (in a variety of different ways) by overlaying your birth chart on a map of the world. And one of several potential methods currently used in astro-mapping - that I greatly enjoy and lean on - is that of Planetary Local Space Lines.

Planetary Local Space Lines
Planetary Local Space Lines indicate the direction in which planets or stars are found when looking from the chart's location. These lines end up circling around the globe, starting from the birth chart's location.

In theory, relocating along the various planetary local space lines, enhances the effects of the particular planet in your life. In practice, this method - more often than not - works rather nicely.

An example of this is that of moving along one's Sun Line:

"Your Sun line will have a generally positive affect in your life. If you have felt that you have been unable to fully express your personality then the Sun line will be advantageous. The energies of this line will help you assert your personality traits and achieve your personal goals. You will shine more in your own life thanks to experiences and associations formed along this line. You are able to clarify your own goals and the steps needed to achieve them. As a result you are able to more easily advance in life. You also seem to naturally assert yourself with others. It is also possible that positive male friends or family members move to locations along this line providing you with the opportunity to make connections.

There is a chance that you may become somewhat grandiose and overly confident at locations along the Sun line. Therefore it is important you ensure that you are aiming for positive outcomes rather than seeking to exploit opportunities or people when traveling to locations along this line. You need to also generously embrace those who assist you in achieving your ambitions rather than disregarding their contribution. This will help ensure that your journey is a positive one with favorable consequences."

Sun Line Interpretation by Stephanie Johnson as contained in Solar Maps 3. Original Text (C)1995 - 2002 Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd

Long story short... long before I knew squat about astrology and/or astro-mapping I moved 1,000 miles away from the place of my birth in New Mexico to Nashville, Tennessee. And as odd of a fit as this Bible Belt city is in some ways, it has continued to be my home for over 3 decades. It just so happens that Nashville is closely aligned with my Sun Line.

Obviously... not satisfied with being merely "closely aligned," a few years ago, I ended up being drawn to (and then moving) to a specific Nashville neighborhood, Old Hickory Village, located even more directly along my Sun Local Space Line - Azimuth 102°47' - Orb 0°13'

Being forever "unorthodox," I have characteristically extended my own use of Local Space Lines and now often use them when considering astrological compatibility, soul bonds, and people that we are drawn to.

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