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Review of Nostradamus Prophecies for America

On September 11, 2001 the term "Nostradamus" numbered among the top 10 queries related to terrorist attacks at a popular Internet search machine.

Since the 911 tragedy, interest in the mysterious 16th century seer, prophet, and astrologer Nostradamus has skyrocketed. Did Nostradamus predict the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon tragedy? Author David Ovason now says yes.

Nostradamus rather frankly admitted to obscuring the meanings of his quatrains in such a way that no one would be able to fully understand them prior to the events described. Therefore, taking a "proper look" at the mysterious Nostradamus quatrains calls for knowledge of astrology as practiced in 16th century France, familiarity with the 15th century Trithemius planetary periods used by Nostradamus, and being versed in deciphering the esoteric 16th Century "Green Language" used by Nostradamus. Fortunately, unlike any other Nostradamus authors out there, Ovason fits the bill.

Book of Personal Healing
Despite my highest praise and recommendation of Ovason's previously written groundbreaking, scholarly, and painstakingly thorough The Secrets of Nostradamus - upon discovering his latest book I made an unfortunate rush to judgment.

I have to admit that I had misgivings and doubts as to why he might have chosen to write and release Nostradamus Prophecies for America so very soon after the 911 tragedy.

However, upon picking up the small book (179 pages), any harsh judgments on my part melted into a shared empathy with the author's pain. Clearly, in writing the chapters pertaining to September 11, Ovason had been working through his own grief, anger, disbelief, and shock in the direct wake of the horror.

Walk A Mile In His Shoes
Within hours of the 911 tragedy, reporters had been bombarding Ovason with questions about "alleged" Nostradamus quatrains predicting the 911 tragedy. Upon hearing the obviously forged quatrains, Ovason was sickened that some were treating the horrific, unimaginable tragedy in a manner that turned it into a game.

Ovason quickly informed reporters that the quatrains in question were nothing more than sick forgery. Further, he told reporters that - as far as he knew (at the time) - there was no Nostradamus quatrain depicting the 911 tragedy.

Like the rest of us, feeling utterly helpless, Ovason then buried himself in his books and studies.

Unlike Ovason's book, The Secrets of Nostradamus - that is admittedly an extremely "tough read" - Nostradamus Prophecies for America is a highly approachable and readable book. As a book of personal healing and hope for the future, it is a book that has been written for all of us, and not just for scholars and/or students of Nostradamus.

The quatrain that Ovason (and others) eventually went on to "rediscover" is numbered as Quatrain 6:97.

Typical translations of the quatrain may however be highly misleading. Ovason carefully translates and then breaks down the quatrain into sections. He then continues on - using the reliable methods firmly established in his previous book - to convincingly, succinctly, and systematically demonstrate just how the quatrain specifically refers to New York City, 5 hijackers in the first plane, an explosion in the sky, and even the event's connection with the country of Afghanistan.

Granted, not everyone can and/or will be convinced by Ovason's thorough and painstaking scholarship... it's deceptively easy for self-appointed critics to glibly sweep away something that they've never bothered to seriously investigate.

Message of Hope
Thankfully, once again, Ovason has not written the typical "doom and gloom" book about the prophecies of Nostradamus. Having devoted a lifetime to dispelling the all-too-common image of Nostradamus as a doomsday prophet, Ovason then goes on to provide a message of hope, healing, and recovery based on a related Nostradamus quatrain that speaks directly to the aftermath of the 911 tragedy [Quatrain 2:81].

Some of the other American prophecies discussed in the book include the settlement of Jamestown, the Declaration of Independence, the development of electricity, the invention of manned flight, and the Apollo space program.

Perhaps most fascinating of all, Ovason also discusses a quatrain [Quatrain 4:96] where Nostradamus has seemingly predicted exactly how long the United States of America will continue to survive and stand as a nation.

Without "letting the cat out of the bag," I'll only say that the USA has little to fear for the long foreseeable future.

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