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A collection of Dr Z's astrology articles on the weird, wonderful, mysterious, and sometimes downright quirky. The majority of these articles were written with general audiences in mind and little or no knowledge of astrology is needed.

Joe Biden US President Elect in 2020 The reign of King Trump is over.

  • Galileo Galilei As Astronomer and Astrologer The story behind the story of this fascinating figure from history. It was much by "chance" that Galileo ended up fathering a brand new branch of astronomy, laying the building blocks of modern astronomy, and changing his own life and destiny forever.

  • Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln Granted... it's a crazy, irrational idea... but as I sit here glued to my HDTV as Barack Obama becomes the 44th US President on the eve of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday... is it possible that Barack Obama is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

  • Mayan Countdown To December 21, 2012 Okay... back in the day... this used to be an interesting and controversial article... it's always a wee bit of a let down when the world doesn't end.

  • Plato, Reincarnation, and Astrology Here's where you'll learn about the Greek origins of many New Age ideas on the subject of reincarnation.The fact is that we, in the Western world, feel much more at home with the ideas of the ancient Greeks and especially with those of Plato. One of the best peeks into the cosmological views of Plato and reincarnation is contained in the final chapter of The Republic and the "Myth of Er."

  • Barack Obama's Birth Chart Interpretations An undoctored interpretation text (written by Dr Z) of US President Barack Obama's birth chart.

  • John McCain's Birth Chart Interpretations An undoctored interpretation text (written by Dr Z) of a fellow who ran against US President Barack Obama.

  • US Presidents - America Loves Scorpio and Aquarius A look at the various Sun Signs of US Presidents and a what might be surprising consideration of another significant point on the birth chart that should be looked at.

  • Edgar Cayce and the Planets A quick look at the fascinating Sleeping Prophet and his take on astrology and the planets. One of the more controversial [i.e. difficult to swallow] ideas promoted by Cayce's mysterious "Source" was in regard to what happens to our souls prior to and/or in between our incarnations on planet Earth.

  • Hey Baby! What's Your Sign A quick look at the origins of modern astrology and what your sign was in ancient Greece. These days, when someone asks the question: "What's your sign?..." that person is asking you (whether they know it or not) for the Western Tropical Zodiac sign the Sun was passing through on the day you were born. But you see… it's only been during the last 100 years (or so) that folks started primarily identifying their Zodiac sign with the birth position of the Sun.

  • Dog Days of Summer - The Dog Star Sirius Whew! Tired of the sweltering hot "dog days of summer?" Find out the astrological origins and connections and why they are the "dog days... "

  • Dr. Carl G. Jung and the Age of Aquarius Dr Jung's fascinating ideas on the Age of Aquarius and when it might begin. Is the Age of Aquarius finally here? And if not yet here… do we really have a clue as to what it'll look like when it gets here?

  • Western World Origin of Friday the 13th A look at event in history caused the superstition regarding Friday the 13th. Why, in the Western World, is it such an unlucky day?

  • Christopher Columbus, Astrology, and the Discovery of America Would there even be an "America" such as we know it today without astrology and astrological forecasting? I guarantee that you learned virtually none of this in your lame High School history class.

  • Romantic Love's Enchantments and Tortures A fascinating look at the tortures of love, European Renaissance style. If a man were overcome with depression due to love for a woman - it was thought that the man had come under the influence of a spell and enchantment.

  • Who's The Original 007? Who was the original 007... trust me... the answer to this question will definitely surprise you.

  • New Year's Celebration and Renewal Our Western World celebrations owe much to ancient Greek and Roman myths and rituals. However, certain other crucial elements of our modern day traditions are, mysteriously enough, leftover remnants of old and forgotten traditions having their origin in ancient Babylon (circa 3500 BC).

  • Twins and Astrology - Why So Different? Twins usually have almost exactly the same birth chart, don't they? So if astrology is for real, then why aren't all twins more alike?

  • Beware the Ides of March If you've heard the ominous warning, then it's most likely due to William Shakespeare and his famous play, Julius Caesar. The warning was made famous in Shakespeare's play.

  • Antikythera - An Ancient Astrological Computer This ancient ancestor of the modern computer was an astronomical mechanism designed to locate the zodiacal positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn).

  • A Short History of Astrology in the Western World From the very dawn of humanity (until today), people have oddly enough looked to the heavens and the planets for guidance and inspiration.

  • Following Yonder Star - Was Jesus A Capricorn It's always great fun to endlessly speculate about the true birth date of historical Jesus. There are several proposed charts giving Jesus the Sun in Pisces. There are also charts placing his Sun in Capricorn, in Leo, in Gemini, and (even one) in Scorpio.

  • April Fools Day and Astrology Only a fool would be bold enough to proclaim that they know the one definitive answer to the origin of April Fools Day. That's because there is no one definitive answer to its origin. What follows is only one of the origins, most related to Western Tropical astrology.
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