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November 6, 2020

Joe Biden about to be named US President Elect in 2020 Presidential Election
(or TGIF - The Dying of An Era/Error)

"Yep! It looks like the trickster planet Mercury, the planet known as the grand patron of the 'Freudian slip,' had the last laugh on election day in the US.

During the final days of the campaign - the planet Mercury had been traveling "retrograde" through the sky. The traditional meaning assigned to Mercury going 'retrograde' in the sky is that of delays and frustrations in everyday life routines and in communications. During the (very) approximate 24 day periods when Mercury turns 'retrograde' in the sky, astrologers generally recommend delaying of the signing contracts and other important life decisions. It is a time better spent in reflection and rethinking things."


The thing is that I orginally wrote the above about the 2000 US Presidential election. And yep... once again mischievous Mercury ultimately won the day in the 2020 US Presidential election.


Earlier in the evening of the 2000 US Presidential election (George W Bush and Al Gore), the press had been premature in giving the state of Florida and its electoral votes to the Al Gore camp. Whoops! Not fast, says Mercury. Mercury goes direct at 9:29om EST. At 9:39pm EST, Bush is interviewed in his hotel room and says there's no way he ready to concede Florida. Very soon after, the press decides - it's too close to call. Suddenly all bets were off.

As the night wore on into the wee hours of the next morning, the impatient press finally decided, based on further erroneous numbers, to give the state of Florida to Bush. Based on information that Gore is 50,000 votes behind, he then calls George W Bush to concede the election. Whoops! Not so fast, says Mercury. Within the hour, Gore discovers he may only be behind by less than 2,000 votes - Gore calls Bush back to rescind his earlier concession.

In Palm Beach County, Florida - throughout the day, thousands of elderly voters leave the polls crying, confused, and/or enraged. Many are concerned, because they believe they may have mistakenly voted for Pat Buchanan, rather than Gore. In that one county in Florida, the way the ballot has been put together, it's been causing confusion for voters throughout the day. Sure enough, says the trickster Mercury - and Pat Buchanan ends up receiving approximately 3,000 unexpected votes in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Stay With Me...

Anybody, anybody, anybody... anybody remember the May 2000 planetary alignment in the Zodiacal sign of Taurus? The two luminaries - the Sun and Moon - and all 5 of the visible planets known to the ancients - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn - were lined up in the Zodiacal sign of Taurus.

I've been periodically reminding y'all (for the past 20 years) that this planetary alignment started off a 20 year astrological cycle. Individually and collectively, during the last twenty years, the Zodiacal sign of Taurus has kept asking us the hard question, "What do you value most in your life?"

Whether on a societal or individual level - honoring the Taurean energies contained in this great planetary alignment has involved:

* the offering up of our values
* the reevaluation of our values
* and then the fortitude and slow, steady, staying power required to stand solidly behind what we have chosen to value.

Fast Forward to 2020

During the final days of the 2020 US Presidential campaign - the planet Mercury had once again been traveling "retrograde" through the sky. Then, just after midnight (approximately 12:51 am EST) on November 3rd, Mercury had gone stationary, appearing to stop in the sky.

For those interested, Mercury then went direct, appearing to once again move forward in the sky, the next day on November 4th just after high Noon (approximately 12:51 pm).

All of this was happening with the triple conjunction of transiting Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto squared transiting Mercury: The passing of power with drama and fury.

What Have We Chosen?

It appears, after a 20 year rollercoaster, we have (by the "skin of our teeth" - Job 19:20) chosen sanity. I'll take it.

Let's move forward...

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