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Edgar Cayce and the Planets

Edgar Cayce (b. 1877 - d. 1945), known to millions as "The Sleeping Prophet," was primarily known for his fascinating psychic abilities that concentrated on providing medical diagnoses and unusual (but generally effective) homeopathic cures for various physical maladies and diseases.

During Cayce's lifetime, while in a light trance and through his "Source," he gave out around 14,000 life-readings and medical diagnoses to people. Most amazing is that the estimated accuracy of his readings was around 85%. While in this sleep state Cayce was also asked questions about history, geology (searching for oil), financial speculations (the stock-market), and metaphysics.

During Cayce's mysterious trances he also had more than a few things to say about the subject of astrology and the astrological planets.

Vacationing On Venus
One of the more controversial [i.e. difficult to swallow] ideas promoted by Cayce's mysterious "Source" was in regard to what happens to our souls prior to and/or in between our incarnations on planet Earth.

According to Cayce's "Source," in between incarnations our souls each spend varying amounts of time visiting the other various planets of our Solar System.

Taken literally, Cayce's reading calls for a rather large stretch of the imagination and of the old brain cells. I suppose that for those who are Cayce's dyed-in-the-wool true believers this bit of astrological lore is probably not a major problem or stumbling-block. After all, perhaps there literally is some sort of spiritual dimension located on each of the different planets that our souls vacation on in between incarnations. Perhaps, we really can vacation on Venus.

Taken literally it sure does seem like a far reach out into the cosmos.

In Line With Plato
However... when looked at through a metaphorical lens, then Cayce's reading falls exactly in line with Plato's description of the soul's ascent and descent. Plato described our descent into life on planet Earth as a soul journey originating in the Fixed Stars and then descending through the various spheres or influences of the [then known] seven planets.

When our life on planet Earth is finished, our souls then ascend back through the spheres or influences of the planets.

Planetary Symbolism

  • Moon (Luna) - where we've already been, the past, instincts, the unconscious, body
  • Sun (Sol) - where we're going in the future, heart, identity, consciousness, vitality, spirit
  • Venus - relating abilities, pleasure, enjoyment, values
  • Mercury - communication, intelligence, thought, ideas
  • Mars - assertiveness, action, getting what you want, survival
  • Jupiter - expansion, beneficent, jovial, opportunity, religious
  • Saturn - restriction, limitations, structure, learning hard lessons
  • Uranus - independence, the unexpected, intuition, genius, ingenuity, shock, inventive, detachment
  • Neptune - dependence, foggy, romantic, misty, mystical, magnetic, slightly out of focus, loss of ego, imagination
  • Pluto - intensity, hidden, invisible, transformation, survivor, eros, erotic

Where'd You Spend Your Last Incarnational Vacation?
So which planet(s) did you hang out on while waiting for this current incarnation? It's just my best guess, but I'd suggest first looking for those planets located on the 3 incarnational axes: the Ascendant/Descendant, the Midheaven/I.C, and the Lunar Nodes.

Judging from Cayce's birth chart, it looks as if he may have spent a fair amount of his time on the Moon and Uranus.

Edgar Cayce's Birth Data
March 18, 1877
3:03 pm LMT
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

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