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Dr Z Reading His Email
Yep... you guessed it! The extremely violent, disgruntled guy with the loaded gun is Dr Z reading his daily email. Granted... it's tragic that a normally generous and philanthropic guy like Dr Z has been forced into such violent behavior.

Your Birth Chart, Love Life, and Future?
Nope... can't do it... Dr Z doesn't answer requests for free personal advice (an opinion or a comment) regarding the interpretation of your birth chart, compatibility with another person, upcoming transit forecasts, or yada, yada, yada.

Receiving visitor comments and questions regarding the content of the Zodiac Master are often the high point of Dr Z's day... and so he greatly enjoys reading all comments and questions about the articles at the site...

Dr Z still attempts to personally respond to as many visitor comments as is humanly (reasonably) possible. However, his site has been on the Internet since 1996 - and it would seem that he's getting a little bit more human (and fallible) with every passing day.

If you have a burning personal question about your birth chart, your love life, and/or your future - then you can visit StarryMart for a paid reading or report.

Better yet... be brave and contact a local astrologer in your area for a paid personal face to face reading. It might... just might... end up being a life changing, transformatory event.

If, however, you have a comment (and you're feeling lucky) - then go ahead and make Dr Z's day by sending him your comment...

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