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Babes in Toyland

Have I ever mentioned
that when I first got involved
in the study of astrology,
I made the mistake of getting
a wee bit too "caught up"
in all the fancy computerese techniques and methodologies
available in today's vast marketplace of modern astrology!
Yep! I still simply love playing with
all of the many complex
"fancy doo-dad, thing-a-ma-bobs" (toys)
on all of my many different
expensive astrology calculation software programs.
Yep! I paid "top dollar" for all of those complex
"fancy doo-dad, thing-a-ma-bobs" (toys)
and, by the gods,
I'm going to play with all those complex
"fancy doo-dad, thing-a-ma-bobs" (toys)!
Don't get lost in Toyland!
The Bogeyman might get you!
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