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Why Computerized (Canned) Reports?

Why the personalized canned reports?
Let's face it... Dr Z knows that even his limited online personal reading services can be more than a wee bit too expensive for the average person having only a mild curiosity about astrology.
So the personalized "canned" reports available at StarryMart serve up a more than generous first taste of "real astrology" for consumers.

If the personalized "canned" reports sold at Dr Z's StarryMart serve as a "springboard," "gateway," or "midwife" to increased interest in astrology, increased awareness of "soul growth," and/or increased desire for meaningful, purposeful living - then customers at StarryMart ultimately benefit from the availability of inexpensive personalized "canned" reports.

Why Did Dr Z only write the text for his Dr Z Birth Chart Interpretations?
Truth is... 99% of astrologers selling canned reports aren't selling you any of their own personally written interpretations. (At least Dr Z is being upfront about it.)

Whew! Just writing the text interpretations for his Dr Z Birth Chart Interpretations originally took Dr Z the better part of three long years (off and on) dedicated to the grueling, exhausting, tedious, and brain-numbing effort of covering all of the necessary bases. Truth be known... Dr Z (with his Sun in the 6th house) still to this day makes improvements to and continues to flesh out his text interpretations.

The Other Reports
However, Dr Z spent years in the concentrated effort to determine which (if any) canned reports might be worthy of selling in StarryMart, and Dr Z happens to believe that the canned reports available in StarryMart are the next best thing to getting his own personal interpretations.

The content is so darned good on these reports that Dr Z has no immediate plans of taking on the mammoth, Herculean, brain-numbing task of writing any more of his own interpretations texts. Life is way too short as it is.

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