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Fulfillment of all orders in Dr Z's StarryMart is via email. Most readings and reports come in the form of the multi-platform PDF Adobe file read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader attached to the email.

14 Day Fulfillment: Dr Z is dancing as fast as he can, but fulfillment of the Cut To The Chase reading is normally 14 calendar days. While this may "feel" like a long wait... keep in mind that Dr Z's real world (big bucks) established clients typically wait a month or more for one of his face to face readings.

Astrological Compatibility - Bare Bones Basic Cut To The Chase Soul Bond Reading - $39.95 USD Also available: the Plus ($49.95 USD) and the Premium ($69.95 USD) Ask Dr Z One Question
Why So Darned Cheap?
This reading is (comparatively) inexpensive because Dr Z long ago developed a system allowing him to pass along his decades of experience, exploration, and expertise without getting bogged down and burned out after hours of endless writing and then spending even more time responding to followup questions.

You're already getting incredibly great bang for your buck. Don't order any of the Cut To The Chase reading options with the unreasonable expectation of emailing Dr Z followup questions. (And yep... this cruel stricture even applies to Fire and Air signs.) Your order is your solemnly entered into covenant with Dr Z that you will not expect more than you paid for.

How much are you saving? Oh, let's see... in a Dr Z Cut To The Chase Basic Soul Bond Relationship Reading, you save about $110 USD... when compared to a regular Dr Z Full Blown Compatibility Reading (or other quasi-comparable compatibility readings being offered on the Internet) normally costing $149.95 USD and up.

Remarkably, with the Dr Z Cut To The Chase Soul Bond Relationship Reading, about the only thing you'll be missing out on is the opportunity to endlessly pick Dr Z's brain during a cathartic one hour telephone call.

This is a "Relationship Reading." What that means is that it's a reading meant for two people currently or in the past involved in a romantic relationship and discusses whether or not the relationship contains vital soul bonds between the two people.

This reading is NOT meant to forecast whether or not a romantic relationship might or will take place between two people; and (for that matter) it is NOT meant to forecast whether or not a current romantic relationship will be "successful" in the long term. Despite my disclaimer here, people still insist on ordering this reading for the purpose of in some way forecasting. No astrologer, medium, clairvoyant, or psychic can give us guarantees of the lasting love that we so deeply crave. If they do, then they're either a liar or sincerely (but possibly adorably) deluded. Life is complicated and offers no guarantees. Guarantees feel safe, but they're boring...

Do You and Your Partner Share A Soul Bond?
Do you and your partner share a soul bond? Are you and your partner soul mates? Despite popular opinion, experiencing a deep, soul mate (or soul bond) connection with another person is not a guarantee of an easy, smooth, harmonious relationship or connection with that other person... and it is NOT a guarantee that the other person will be with you for the rest of this present incarnation on planet Earth.

As astrologer Steven Forrest has said (something to the effect) sometimes soul mates kill each other... and as astrologer Tracey Marks once aptly put it, certain factors may mirror that a "soul bond" exists; but do not necessarily indicate the potential for marriage or partnership (or - adding in Dr Z's two cents - even the ability to end up speaking to each other in a civil manner).

Doesn't sound too romantically ooey gooey, does it? Doesn't sound like those all too familiar matchmaker commercials that practically promise smooth and easy when they match you up with your soulmate? It's not. Doing your soulwork and being a soulmate is hard work!

Birth Data needed for both people:

  • Name - example: John Smith
  • Gender - example: Male
  • Date of Birth - example: March 24, 1966
  • Time of Birth - example: 3:37 pm
  • Place of Birth - example: Some Town, Some State, Some Country
  • Current Place of Residence - example: Some Town, Some State, Some Country

By default Dr Z uses the Koch House system. (If you're clueless about house systems, then don't sweat it.)

Please Note Regarding Time of Birth: In order for Dr Z to find and then consider the most important "chart signatures," he will need the exact time of birth for (at the very least) one of the persons involved in the relationship. Having the time of birth for both people is much, much, much more preferable. It's impossible to overemphasize just how critical the exact time of birth is when doing chart comparison interpretations. Please DON'T order this Soul Bond Relationship Reading if you DON'T have the complete birth data for (at the very least) one of the people.

Cut To The Chase - Bare Bones Basic - $39.95 USD
So What In The Heck Do You Get For Your Bucks?

Part One - A Dr Z Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, or Borderline Rating: Please be aware that in this first part of the reading you will NOT be receiving reams of materials and/or writing describing the various dynamics of the relationship [the second part aptly handles this chore].

Dr Z will be taking a look at both charts in search of certain relationship "signatures" that are normally present in order to denote that a relationship has "soul bond" connections. The rating is still loosely based in part on the Dr Z Top Six Soulmate Clues, but is much more focused and zeros in on the most essential signatures.

Writing his Six Top Soul Mate Clues many years ago, Dr Z has since decided that there are certain factors that he now targets as being most significant when giving a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down rating for containing Soul Bond connections. These focused soul connection factors reflect inner-potentials of inexplicable (irrational) feelings related to a sense of fatedness, kinship, destiny, and deep emotional connection between the two people involved.

Every reading is different, but some of the various analysis techniques used may include synastry comparisons, composites charts, astro-mapping, solstice points, and the rarely used (but effective) shared affinities.

Yes, Dr Z nowadays includes explanations of a few of the major factors involved in his analysis... but again, in this part of the reading, you will NOT be receiving reams of materials and you will NOT be receiving detailed descriptions of all the various reasoning involved in Dr Z's rating of the relationship.

    Thumbs Up - A Thumbs Up means that the two of you have a "soul bond" together and (for some strange and mysterious reason) were (for better or for worse) supposed to happen to each other.

    A Thumbs Up rating is NOT a "blank check" guarantee that the relationship will ultimately be in human terms "successful," that the relationship is a healthy and happy relationship, and/or that the relationship will last a lifetime.

    Bottom line:
    no astrologer on the planet can give you a blank check guarantee of (in human terms) "success.
    " So don't order any version of the Cut To The Chase Reading with unrealistic expectations!

    Think about it... if Dr Z were somehow clever enough to be the one astrologer on the planet who could provide a 100% (or even 70%) guarantee regarding the success of a relationship - then he'd be charging the price of a medium sized country for this reading, rather than $39.95. (Before ordering... be sure to read more about our in vain attempts via astrology to discover and locate the Love Potion.)

    Thumbs Down - A Thumbs Down rating means that your relationship does not contain enough of the right "soul bond" chart signatures.

    Borderline (very seldom given) means it's too close to call.

Part Two - A file copy of the Friends & Lovers Report (normally costing $17.95 USD at this site, more elsewhere)
The Friends & Lovers report is an 18-25 page personalized report that takes two individuals' birth dates and then explores (in plain, understandable language) the meaning of the astrological relationships between them. This report breaks down the various elements of the relationship, providing you with detailed descriptions of the pluses (feel good stuff) and the minuses (the challenges) involved in your relationship. Here's where you will likely experience the joys and ecstasies of receiving reams of material and/or writing describing the various dynamics of your ever so fascinating relationship. Speaking frankly, this report covers much more material (in much more detail) than Dr Z (or any other astrologer on the planet) could possibly cover during a one hour telephone call.

Cut To The Chase Plus - $49.95 USD - Same as Basic and add Part Three - a file copy of the Simpaticos Composite Relationship Report (normally costing $17.95 USD at this site, more elsewhere) with interpretation texts prepared by Bernie Ashman. A composite chart is a relationship chart calculated and derived from the two charts of the individuals involved in a relationship. A composite chart is thought to be a symbolic reflection or mirror of the universally held concept that there are not simply two autonomous factors involved in an interpersonal relationship, but also a "Third." A composite chart attempts to describe and map out this Third autonomic presence of the relationship.

Cut To The Chase Premium - $69.95 USD - Same as Plus and add Part Four - Briefly include your current circumstances and/or situation and tell Dr Z what the one burning issue, concern, and/or question that you'd like him to briefly address. Or save your one question for after you've received your reading. Repeating... ONLY one burning issue, concern, and/or question. (Sorry, but this reading does NOT include back and forth email dialogue with Dr Z about the relationship. Virtually everyone ordering this version inevitably ends up asking 3 or 4 questions, and then Dr Z choses the one question he wants to answer.)

This reading is NOT meant to forecast whether or not a romantic relationship might or will take place between two people; and (for that matter) it is NOT meant to forecast whether or not a romantic relationship will be "successful" in the long term.

If you're wanting more than what the Cut To The Chase Basic, Deluxe, or Premium reading provide, then do not order this reading.

Again, your order is your solemnly entered into covenant with Dr Z that you have read every single word on this page and that you will not expect more than you paid for. No followup questions...

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To pay, using your debit or major credit card, choose: 1. the very plain "Check Out" option. You will be paying with your debit or credit card as a "PayPal Guest."

Only choose the 2. option with the fancier, more attractive "Check Out with PayPal" option if you wish to pay with your PayPal account.

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