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Fulfillment of all orders in Dr Z's StarryMart is via email. Fulfillment of your order through PayPal is normally within 7 calendar days. This saves you money (you're not paying for Dr Z's ink, paper, and stamps), and you also get your order filled more quickly (since you're not waiting around on snail mail delivery). All computer generated interpretation readings now by default come in the form of the multi-platform PDF Adobe file read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Why Does Dr Z Use a PayPal Shopping Cart at StarryMart?

Safety! Safety! Safety! The bottom line is that using a PayPal Shopping Cart at StarryMart is safer for you and safer for Dr Z.

The fact is, folks, that it's a big, ugly, and scary world out there in the vast wastelands of internet commerce. So Dr Z chose a payment service that both he and his customers could feel comfortable with and trust.

Buying From A Stranger
Dr Z sure as heck doesn't like to think of himself as being a "stranger" to you. After all, Dr Z and The Zodiac Master web site has been continously online since September 1996.
As a pioneer of astrology on the Web, Dr Z's The Zodiac Master was 1 of only 10 astrology sites selected for review in the Nov 98 Edition of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine! For over 7 years, from June 1999 to July 2006, Dr Z was the expert astrology guide at About.com.

But let's face it, folks... ordering stuff online (especially from a pesky astrologer) still feels more than a wee bit "dicey" and "dubious" (at best)... so making your purchase via PayPal should actually serve the purpose of making you feel a heck of lot more secure and safe rather than mailing a check or handing over your credit card information to a total stranger.

Yep! That's right! When paying at a PayPal Shopping Cart, your credit card and/or bank numbers are never seen by the seller and/or merchant. Your financial information stays safe.

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How Does Dr Z's PayPal Shopping Cart Work?

When you wish to add an item from Dr Z's StarryMart to your PayPal Shopping Cart, you will click the "Add to Cart" button next to the item. Clicking on this button will launch a new mini web browser window (or tab page) with a secure page hosted by PayPal displaying the contents of the Shopping Cart.

If you click to continue shopping, the mini browser window (or tab page) will close, and you will be back to Dr Z's web site.

You can always view the contents of your shopping cart by clicking another "Add to Cart" button to purchase another item, or by clicking on a convenient "View Cart" button. Here, you can change the quantity of the item, continue shopping, remove items from the cart, or check out.

When Checking Out on the Secure PayPal Mini browser window (or tab)

Important! New!

When viewing the PayPal StarryMart Shopping Cart contents, you'll see two options:

  1. there's a very plain button that simply says "Check Out."
  2. there's also a much fancier, more attractive button that says "Check Out with PayPal."

To pay, using your debit or major credit card, choose: 1. the very plain "Check Out" option. You will be paying with your debit or credit card as a "PayPal Guest."

Only choose the 2. option with the fancier, more attractive "Check Out with PayPal" option if you wish to pay with your PayPal account.

Please note this most common potential snafu: After paying... if you are not automatically sent to a page on my site to fill out a form with your birthdata and such - then look for the "Return To Merchant" link where you can choose to return to my site. Please select that link. This link will take you back to my site and directly to the birth data form.

Please Note: If you're a "doubting Thomas," and/or otherwise like most of us just a wee bit nervous whenever shopping online with a new, unknown and/or different vendor, then click on an "Add To Cart" or "View Cart" button. Check out the URL of the small shopping cart window and you'll see that it's definitely a secure (beginning with https) PayPal URL window.

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