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Fulfillment of all orders in Dr Z's StarryMart is via email. Fulfillment of most orders through PayPal is normally within 7 calendar days. Interpretative reports are most typically sent within 24 hours, while personal readings obviously take longer. All interpretative reports now come in the form of a multi-platform PDF file read with the free Adobe Reader.

What's Hot? What are the most popular astrology reports and readings currently being ordered? Cut To The Chase Soul Bond Reading / Dr Z's Birth Chart Report / Friends and Lovers Report / Skylog Report / Personal Horary Reading

Choosing a House System for your report and/or reading. Here's why Dr Z prefers the Koch House System. Important!

Read This Before Ordering! (Seriously, read this) Currently when viewing the PayPal StarryMart Shopping Cart contents, you'll see two options:

  1. there's a very plain button that simply says "Check Out."
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To pay, using your debit or major credit card, then choose the: 1. very plain "Check Out" option. You will be paying with your debit or major credit card as a "PayPal Guest." Of course, if you do want to pay using your PayPal account, then choose the 2. option with the fancier, bigger, more attractive "Check Out with PayPal" option.

Computer Generated Astrology Reports: Why offer computer generated astrology reports?

Why fork out the bucks for an astrological report or reading?


Personal Astrology Readings by Dr Z:
Cut To The Chase Soul Bond Reading - Does your love relationship have the "right stuff" for a soul bond connection? Some of the techniques used may include synastry, composites charts, astro-mapping, shared affinities, and Solstice Points. Find out more - 39.95 USD and up
Personal Horary Reading - Need a burning question answered? Then Horary might be for you! Find out more - 29.95 USD; I've never heard of a Horary reading?
Birth Chart Rectification - Don't know what time of day you were born? Maybe Dr Z can help out with a Birth Chart Rectification. Find out more - 75 USD to 150 USD
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Please Help Me Dr Z! ¡Qué lástima! Just made your StarryMart order (or you're trying to make an order) and encountered a problem? Made your order 7 days ago and don't yet have your interpretative report? Just want to know how ordering at StarryMart works? StarryMart Help Center

Astrology Reports
Dr Z's Birth Chart Report - Western Tropical Astrology is an ancient tool that can support you in purposes of self-discovery, soul growth, and being "brought to completion." Find out more - 19.95 USD Save 7 bucks! 12.95 USD
Friends and Lovers Compatibility - Synastry Report - A 18-25 page personalized Western Tropical report that takes two individuals' and then explores the meaning of the astrological relationships between them. Find out more - 19.95 USD Save 4 bucks! 15.95 USD
Simpáticos Composite Relationship Chart Report Awesome new insights into the dynamics of a relationship between two people and how the relationship works. Find out more - 17.95 USD
SkyLog Report - Interested in peering into your future "Web of Possibilities?" SkyLog, an excellent forecasting Western Tropical report written by astrologer extraordinaire Steven Forrest, describes the relationship between your own birth chart and the unfolding of the planets. Find out more from 14.95 - 29.95 USD
Child*Star Birth Chart Report "Know Thy Child" - the closest thing to a "user's manual" you'll find. Great for parents of children of all ages (from newborns all the way to their teen years). Find out more - 17.95 USD
Past Lives Report - Have you lived before? Who were you? And more importantly... how does it impact your present life? The answer may well lie in the text of a Past Lives report. Find out more - 24.95 USD Save 9 bucks! 15.95 USD
Mayan Life Path Astrology Report - Like many peoples, the ancient Maya and Aztecs studied the mysterious influence of the rhythms of the sky on earthly life. However, the sophisticated way in which they organized and interpreted these rhythms is uniquely their own. Find out more - 16.95 USD
Who In The Heck Is Dr Z?

In 2023 Dr Z (aka Anthony L Peña, JD) doesn't like to think of himself as being a "stranger." After all, his site The Zodiac Master has been on the internet continuously since September of 1996.
Dr Z's The Zodiac Master was 1 of only 10 astrology sites selected for review in the Nov 1998 Edition of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine (which was once upon a time a big deal! The Zodiac Master was also honored to be one of the first sites reviewed by the prestigous Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

For 7 years, from 6/99 to 7/06, Dr Z maintained the astrology guide site at (at the time owned by the NY Times). During those years, Dr Z's guide site was the top educational hub and resource for astrology enthusiasts on the Internet.

Please note this most common potential snafu: After paying (if you are not automatically sent to fill out your birthdata) - then look for the "Return to You Bet Your Sweet Astrology Consulting" link. Please select that link. This link will take you directly to the birth data form. (More About How Ordering Works)

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