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How To Ask Your Yes or No Question
Frequently Asked Questions about Horary
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Horary Oracle - How To Ask Your Yes or No Question

In order for you to get the best bang for you buck, there are a few complications to consider when wording your horary question... (there's always a catch, isn't there?)

1st Complication: Be sure you know exactly what you're asking.

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? It's not...

Dr Z is literally begging you: Don't be lazy and/or haphazard when wording your question!

As is the nature of all Oracles, the Horary Oracle is known for being more than a wee bit playful, vague, and downright treacherous in that it will only answer the specific question that is asked. So this is where your focus should be.

Yep! Horary's answer depends much upon you knowing and asking the exact question that you honestly wish to ask, and then astrologer (in this case Dr Z) understanding the question being asked.

  • "Will a career in you fill in the blank be successful?" Hmmm... what exactly do you mean by "successful?" Are you primarily concerned with monetary "success" or does successful mean becoming famous or does success mean you fill in the blank? Also, is this career something you're currently pursuing or do you currently have a different career?
  • "Should I marry my boyfriend?" is a different question than "Will I marry my boyfriend?"
  • What's your primary motivation, concern, and/or issue? "Should I marry my lover for financial security (money)" is different than "should I marry my lover for love?"
  • "Should I acquire this house?" is a different question than "should I buy this house?" Buying means money is involved. Also, is the house you wish to acquire or buy going to be your primary residence or are you buying it as an investment and will not be living in it.

Being as specific as possible about the real question and your real motives is vitally important. (Dr Z's article on "Frequently Asked Questions About Horary" explains why in much greater detail.)

Frankly, Dr Z is able to be more objective when evaluating your question, when he doesn't know all that much about you and/or the background of your question.

However, when you are in doubt about the clarity and/or precision of your question, you might want to consider providing a little extra background information surrounding the question.

2nd Complication: Your question must properly identify "who" you are asking about.
  • If your question doesn't identify "who" you are asking about, then Dr Z will need to email you in order to clarify the Horary question. For example: "Will he ask me out for a date?" "Will he and I become romantically involved?" The Horary Oracle needs to know "who" he is in relation to you. Is the magical "he" a coworker, a friend, a friend's brother, your boss, a new person with whom you have no relationship, etc.

    On the other hand, the "who" in some questions is quite clear and needs no further clarification. An example of this might be: "Should I stay with my wife?" or "Should I stay with my husband?" Unless you're a bigamist and simultaneously married to two different people at the same time, then Horary knows "who" you're asking about.

    However if you ask: "Will I inherit from my uncle?" then the Horary Oracle needs to know exactly "who" your uncle is in relation to you. In this case, the Horary Oracle needs to know if your uncle is from your mother's side of the family (mother's brother) or your father's side of the family (father's brother).

3rd Complication: A Horary question is a question where the person asking the question really wants to know and is personally vested in the outcome of the question.

Casual curiosity is not enough. It is the serious interest and intent of the questioner that allows a Horary astrologer to correctly interpret the Horary chart. For example, Horary will not answer the question of "will Team 1 or Team 2 win the Super Bowl," unless you happen to be the owner of Team 1 or Team 2.

4th Complication: Dr Z does not answer Horary questions of a medical nature.

Yep! Horary can answer medical questions. However, Dr Z has chosen not to answer medical questions of a medical nature. This is to protect Dr Z on a very litigious, sue crazy planet. Sorry, but absolutely no exceptions will be made. Please see your physician for medical advice.

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