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*** Dr Z was born at night, but it wasn't last night. Sending an email without having made an actual PayPal order at StarryMart will result in zilch, zero, zip.

Dr Z! Where's the birth data form, you miserable shyster? You say that you just made your order at PayPal and you weren't magically transported to Dr Z's form for filling in the needed birth data and/or other applicable information? Or perhaps the form malfunctioned? I need to give you my birth data, Dr Z!

Dag Nabbit, Dr Z! I Didn't Get My Report? Made your order 7 days ago (Cut To The Chase Reading 14 days ago) and still haven't received your reading and/or report? You've also very cleverly already checked your email Spam box, and your reading/report is not hiding there? What do I do, Dr Z?

Goober Peas! What's Up With This, Dr Z? While ordering at PayPal after clicking "Checkout" you receive a nasty message similar to: "The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart user. Please review your selection and try again." What do I do, Dr Z?

How Does Ordering Work? Dr Z admits paying with PayPal used to be a hassle, but over the years PayPal has attempted to optimize your checkout experience. Now paying with PayPal at StarryMart is only a small but manageable hassle. For new buyers paying with a major credit card at StarryMart, signing up for a PayPal account is now totally optional. How ordering works

So Why In The Heck Does Dr Z Use a PayPal Shopping Cart at StarryMart? Nope! Dr Z doesn't do it to torture you! Safety! Safety! Safety! Using a PayPal Shopping Cart at StarryMart is definitively safer for you and feels safer for Dr Z. Purchasing stuff with your major credit card at a small "Mom n Pop" online store (like StarryMart) is a million times safer, because the individual merchant (in this case, Dr Z) never lays eyes on your credit card number. Yep! It's true! If you haven't tried PayPal lately, then you haven't tried PayPal. This is definitely not your grandmother's PayPal...

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