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StarryMart 7 Day Delivery

Yep! You've likely seen this following statement all over StarryMart: Fulfillment of all orders in Dr Z's StarryMart is via email. Fulfillment of your order through PayPal is normally within 7 calendar days.

What About It?

Fact is that, unless you've ordered one of the readings (such as the Cut To The Chase, Birth Chart Rectification, Horary, or Electional Reading), the 7 calendar days thing is normally a safety net ensuring against the possibility that when you make your order Dr Z might be out of town for an extended period of time and/or might for some unforeseen reason be nowhere near an internet connection.

Canned reports at StarryMart are most normally sent via email within 24 hours of your ordering.

If, on the other hand, you ordered one of the Cut To the Chase Readings - (as mentioned on the site) these now normally take 14 days to fulfill. And since, dear one, Dr Z is dancing as fast as he can in order to get to your Cut To The Chase Reading, please try containing yourself from writing inquisitive emails unless the 14 days are up.

Nowadays Dr Z has an email service that notifies him with great precision exactly when you've opened an email that he's previously sent you. That said... there are occasional, infrequent email snafus when a customer has waited 7 days or more without receiving their order. But since Dr Z has yet to receive a bounced email on these infrequent occasions, he has no way of knowing that you're sitting there getting steamed because you don't yet have your report.

So... in the unlikely event that you haven't received your StarryMart order within 7 calendar days, it could likely be due to any number of differing reasons that are out of Dr Z's control.

Ugh! Why Is This Happening To Poor Little Me?

It could be because:

  • your email software (or email provider such as Comcast, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, or Google) is configured to automatically delete any email identified as being potential SPAM. Alternatively, the email is placed in a Spam folder. Please note that this possibility is currently very high on Dr Z's paranoia list, since he is not receiving bounced email notifications. And it's also high on Dr Z's paranoia list because many of his customers with a problem eventually confess that they finally found their report in their email provider spam box.
  • your email software is somehow configured not to receive attachments (and/or receive attachments above a certain size)
  • your email account is already full.
  • or it's some sort of inexplicable Internet mystery that the two of us will never be able to solve and/or figure out.
So if this happens to you and it's been 7 calendar days with no report in sight - please, please, please first check your spam box. If Dr Z's email(s) isn't in your spam box, then:

from this link to let him know that you have still not received your order.

99.9 times out of 100, Dr Z will then send you a copy of his previous attempt(s) to deliver your order in a timely manner and then will make repeated attempts to email deliver your order (until you in turn respond that you have indeed received your report).

Please note: There are always a few select nut cases that will attempt to get a freebie report by using this email link and complaining about not receiving their order. Dr Z was born at night, but it wasn't last night! Fortunately, Dr Z knows who has and who hasn't completed an order at StarryMart. Don't waste your time and risk incurring bad karma by doing this. Thanks.