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Breathe Deeply, Relax, and Keep Repeating To Yourself: "Serenity now... serenity now... serenity now..."

You've just completed your PayPal order at StarryMart and you weren't magically transported to Dr Z's birth data form (or you weren't able to click the "Return to You Bet Your Sweet Astrology Consulting" link) for filling in the needed birth data and/or other applicable information? Or perhaps the Form itself malfunctioned in some other mysterious way?

First of all, please take a long, deep, and renewing breath. Neither you or Dr Z having a panic attack at this juncture will help matters get resolved. And, truth be known, Dr Z is typically the one experiencing the biggest panic attack over an ordering snafu!

Complications in ordering at StarryMart are normally rare, but they do happen.

The good news is that when you made your StarryMart order at PayPal, Dr Z immediately received email confirmation of your payment, what you ordered, and your email address.

Where To Go From Here:

Here's the birth data form


Home > StarryMart > Help