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Know Thyself - Explore with Dr Z, Apollo's Oracle of Delphi and the Amoral Nature of Divinatory Oracles

"Know Thyself" is a famous Greek maxim attributed to any number of ancient Greek philosophers, including the great Socrates.

However, according to the ancient historian Plutarch (circa 46 – 120 AD), "Know Thyself" was originally the admonition "Gnothi se auton" inscribed on the Sun god Apollo's Oracle of Delphi temple in ancient Greece.

And the historian Plutarch was in a uniquely favorable position to know all about the inscription on the Oracle, since he was once one of its caretakers.

In deference to Socrates, it was Apollo's Oracle of Delphi that identified him as being the wisest of all men.
Note: There are at least five different major versions (with several variations of each version) of exactly how the Oracle of Delphi came into being, but one of these versions is all that I will be passing along here.

Part I: The Oracle of Delphi

Part II: When the Oracle of Delphi Spoke

Part III: The Second Inscription on the Oracle of Delphi

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Home > Astrology and Jung > Know Thyself