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Why Jung, Psychology, and Astrology

May 13, 2009

I'm feeling a little testy today. No... I'm feeling a lot testy! I was just now reading an astrology article about the "psychological 70s" and how those horrid years had somehow threatened to dilute astrology. According to article, astrologers then had to back up in order to learn more "genuine" astrology, learn more techniques of astrology, and learn the history of astrology.

The astrologer's diatribe continued on (okay... maybe it wasn't exactly a diatribe)... that back in the 70s astrologers ran the risk of forgetting that "psychology is the subset of astrology and not the other way around."

What a load of unmitigated sanctimonious horse shit!

Every astrologer from time immemorial has come from somewhere philosophically speaking... and every astrologer (consciously or unconsciously) should hopefully be about establishing for him/herself a philosophical and/or metaphysical foundation that will then ultimately determine how they go about doing their astrology.

It was (in large part) my philosophical foundation based much on studies of Dr Carl G Jung's depth psychology writings that eventually led to my current interest and expertise in Western Tropical Astrology.

Over time, through years of intensive study, I'd discovered that the Swiss psychiatrist Carl G Jung had been (1) fascinated with the paranormal in general, (2) conducted and published Western Tropical astrological experiments, (3) constantly made referrals to astrological symbolism in his elucidation of archetypal material and the psyche, (4) on more than one occasion arranged to have the astrological charts of his patients calculated, and finally (5) had devoted an entire volume of his Collected Works, Aion, to the deeper meaning behind of the astrological Age of Aquarius...

By the time I encountered astrology - I was already thoroughly "Jungian" and "Platonian" in thought and had developed an established and well thought out philosophical foundation for living my life that was, among other things, steeped in the Western Esoteric interpretation of symbols. I'm not about to abandon my philosophical underpinnings in order to make this egotistical jerk happy.

One thing I have learned in this life is that whenever you get a group of people together for practically any purpose (say like astrologers)... a good number of those people are going to be grappling for status, power, and control so that they can be part of the "in group" that make the rules for everyone else to follow.

Many of the so-called experts were themselves "grandfathered" in as the rules they set for others apparently didn't apply to them.

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