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Coping With Death & Dying

A Time To Live, A Time To Die

Like it or not... death is a natural transitional part of life and our individual journey. On Friday evening June 6, 2003, my mother passed on from life in her physical body in order to begin a new life and journey.

The series of articles, "A Time To Live, A Time To Die," are meant as a tribute to her, her life, and the unwavering love that only a mother could have.

Part 1 - To Every Thing There Is A Season
As a more than middle-aged man - teetering treacherously on the brink of 50 - I'd suddenly found myself in that age group where one is surrounded by friends, acquaintances, and coworkers experiencing the initiatory loss of their parents.

Part 2 - I Received The Call
The attempted forecasting of future events, based on whatever astrological symbols are involved is, has always been, and will always be at best a dicey and hazardous endeavor.

Part 3 - The Future Is A Scary Place
Yes... the future is a very dark and scary place. As much as I hate to admit it... and as much as I've taught against it... when the rubber met the road and my mother was given a diagnosis of 6 months or less to live - I attempted to gain control over the situation via my knowledge of astrology.

Part 4 - The Young Boy
Although the deeper strata of the "unconscious" doesn't recognize physical death as an "ending," the "unconscious" does have it's own mysterious ways of preparing folks for the separation of physical death.

Part 5 - The Moment of Death
The moment of physical death can be a very private thing for some folks. My own very private Capricorn mother picked a time to begin her final journey when neither of her two children would be in the room. Yet, in spite of being 1,000 miles away, Mom still managed in her own unique way to say her final good-byes.

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