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Scorpio and the Scorpion

Historical Origins and Modern Surprises of Scorpio
Historical researcher Richard Hinckley Allen (in Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, 1963) asserted that the Greek constellations of Scorpio and Taurus were among the oldest of the constellations.

Allen further asserted that in every culture across the globe where scorpions are indigenous, the stars of the traditional Greek constellation of Scorpius were likewise often identified with scorpions and their mythology.

Surprisingly enough, the Spring of 2006 announcement of a Native Americian (Hohokam) petroglyph discovered in Arizona by astronomer John Barentine appears to add further strong confirmation to Allen's theory regarding the constellation of Scorpius.

According to Space.com: "The Hohokam petroglyph depicts symbols of a scorpion and stars that match a model showing the relative positions of the supernova with respect to the constellation Scorpius."

Hey Scorpio! Here's something interesting regarding the recent discovery of an ancient sea scorpion (8 feet long).

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