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The Astro/Psychic Scamming Danger Zone

The following are a few suggested “red flags” to watch for that serve as warning signals that you may be entering the Astrologer/Psychic Scamming Danger Zone:

Free! Free! Free!
Those expensive Web Ads for astro/psychic services that jubilantly proclaim free, free, free are a giant red flag waving from the highest hill that you might be entering the Scamming Danger Zone.

In the first place, your typical rank and file entrepreneurial Mom n Pop astrology sites simply don't have the kind of big money it takes to run these cost prohibitive web advertisements. Only a handful of reputable astrology sites (normally with corporate backing) selling mass-produced automated astrology reports can afford these adds.

A bonafide astrologer working on his/her own simply doesn't have enough hours in the day to produce enough personal readings to then in turn pay for the ads. So take notice that the majority of these astro/psychic ads (that are not sponsored by the huge corporate astrology sites) are scammers!

C'mon... you know the ads: “I’ll tell you your future for free!” “I’ll solve all your problems for free!” “I’ll tell you your luck for free!” "Your birthdate to tell your future Free online prediction."

Sadly enough, you'll quite often meet up with these expensive targeted astro/psychic web scam ads located at otherwise reputable astrology sites that are willing to make a few extra bucks by allowing 3rd party advertisements on their site.

Back in the days when I, for many years, wrote for one of the large corporate backed astrology sites - it used to kill my soul that blatant scammer ads were showing up on my site. Alas, at the time, it didn't kill my soul enough to stop writing for the site.

Don't kid yourself. These 3rd party advertisers are paying big, big, big bucks for the opportunity to tempt you with clicking on one of their targeted advertising offers for a free horoscope reading and/or report. Assuming you weren’t born yesterday, common sense should tell you that there’s 99.99999987% of the time a “catch” of some sort.

Problem is that outright scammers know that many of us just can’t seem to turn down the possibility of getting something for nothing. Free... free... free!

Bait and Switch
At its most benign, at that handful of well-financed reputable sites, you know you’re about to be offered some sort of free limited computer generated astrological report or horoscope with the purpose of then enticing you into buying a more complete version of the report and/or another one of their more interesting reports.

No problem there. While it's irritating, this (by itself) is not a scam (per se). We all know that reputable businesses of all shapes, sizes, and stripes do this sort of thing. It’s called “bait and switch.”

Unfortunately, with the typical astrology scammer, when you sign up for the free email horoscopes, forecasts, or readings offered – then in future emails you'll discover that you now need to purchase exorbitantly priced "magical" items or further paid personal readings in order to avoid and/or ward off a great peril that the scammer has supposedly seen coming your way.

The problem is, for folks such as us who do believe that these sorts of things are within the realm of possibility; this is a great hook! It irresistibly preys on all of our greatest hopes and fears.

Beating The Odds - Not A Ghost of a Chance
It can and does happen on very, very, very rare occasions that someone offering you a free personal reading is not a scammer with a hidden agenda. The question is are you feeling lucky and think you are the one person on the planet that can beat the odds?

Or is it more likely that you’re about to end up in the Scamming Danger Zone and on the mailing list of a ruthless scammer that will now be intermittently hitting you up to buy increasingly more expensive personal readings to improve your luck or to ward off unforeseen and looming evils.

If you find that you just can't control yourself; then - before you send them your invaluable email address in order to get your free personal reading - do an Internet search of the astro/psychic's name. This is not foolproof... but if you do find sites devoted to warning other folks about that individual's business practices, then at least you've been forewarned.

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If It's Spam, It's Scam
The sad, but true news is that some of the highest profile, otherwise reputable, astrology sites are more than willing to sell your valuable email address to 3rd party businesses that maintain, market, and resell targeted email lists.

Astro/psychic scammers then line up in droves to buy these targeted (sucker) customer email lists.

So before you blissfully sign up for that innocuous free daily horoscope or free reading at a reputable site, be sure to first check out that site's privacy policy. Take special note if they have a policy of selling your name and email address to 3rd parties. (For example, see Dr Z's Privacy Policy.)

Once you actually start receiving unsolicited emails from astro/psychics with whom you have not previously done business, then - the moment you begin reading those emails - you're entering the Astro/Psychic Scamming Danger Zone.

Run, Bambi, Run!
Often the astro/psychic explains in the spam that he/she was glancing “at a list” when your name practically flew off the sheet and now he/she has something very important to share with you. Ask yourself: "What list? How in heck did she get access to my name and my email address on a list?"

The fact is that no reputable astrologer and/or psychic has seen your name on a list and then - out of the goodness of their heart - decided to do a free personal reading just for you. It doesn’t happen. Let me repeat that... it doesn't happen.

Remain calm at this point. Stand up... and now, ever so slowly, walk away from the computer screen.

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Nifty Fifty
Just the fact that you and I are 50+ years old places us squarely in the Astro/Psychic Scamming Danger Zone.

Yep! Based solely on our age, unsolicited marketers of all varieties are now zeroing in on us with “special offers.”

Get this… folks in the US who are 65+ years old, and account for only about 12% of the US population, but are the victims of 33% or more of the blatant, outright fraudulent scams perpetrated each year.

If you’ve ever signed up for virtually anything at virtually anywhere and in some manner shared the information that you’re 50+ years old, then you now need to keep on your toes. You’re being targeted.

And the older you get, the more you’re being targeted. It’s a crying shame, ain’t it? back to Danger Scamming Zone list

Beware Magical Good Luck Items
Most folks tend to be a wee bit superstitious, and so a great many of us actually carry around at least one item that amounts to being a good luck charm. Regardless, I tend to be highly doubtful when it comes to many of the offers I see hawking good luck charms and the like.

I don't know about you, but my best good luck charms have been items that weren't originally good luck charms - a lucky hat, a lucky shirt, a lucky medallion, a lucky stone, etc. Still... I have no real problem with the selling of inexpensive good luck charms.

However, the selling of magical good luck items really gets down and nasty - entering the realm of being a full scale scam - when coupled with predictions of dire circumstances that are coming your way.

The astrologer/psychic suggests that you need to buy a particular magical item in order to ward off an evil that they’ve seen coming your way.

The item always tends to be semi-expensive, but not expensive enough to keep you from buying it as an insurance policy. If they manage to snag you once with the semi-expensive item… then they’ll (sooner or later) attempt to snag you once again with an even more expensive item to now ward off an even more dire and noxious evil that’s coming your way.

Astrological Images and Talisman
The fact is that there are certain older traditions within astrology that do support various techniques of making astrologically based images and/or talisman for purposes of good fortune, greater strength, health, love, etc.. The astrological rules for creating these images are however quite complex, specific, and detailed.

I am personally aware of only one reputable individual on the Web that is offering this sort of service based on traditional Renaissance concepts. I’d guess that there might be only a handful of other folks in the world that are even capable of offering this as a reputable service.

This particular person offers a remarkable amount of information on his site about the historical Renaissance practice of constructing an astrologically based talisman. This particular individual doesn't have a practice of hitting you up to buy more and more increasingly expensive astrological images in order to ward off unforeseen and looming evils about to come your way.

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Summing up:
How do you protect yourself from potential astro/psychic scams?

Look for these red flags and beware:

  • Free! Free! Free!
  • If It’s Spam, It’s Scam
  • Nifty Fifty
  • Beware Magical Good Luck Items

Use a little common sense, and you'll likely be okay. And please remember that opportunity knocks; but temptation knocks the door down!

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