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Parading Peacock
& The Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbols were creatively imaged into time/space reality by the astrologer, Dr Marc Edmund Jones, PhD, and clairvoyant, Elsie Wheeler, back in the mid 1920s. In the Sabian Symbols each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac has its very own word symbol, and I greatly enjoy playing with these wonderful "word picture" symbols.

Dr Marc Edmund Jones, PhD (the fascinating astrologer involved in their creation) wrote several books on the Sabian Symbols and other fascinating subjects in the 1950s.

In 1973 a book on the subject of Sabian Symbols was published that went on to become quite popular. This book, based on the Sabian symbols, was written by author/astrologer Dane Rudhyar and is named the Astrological Mandala. If you've seen a book on the Sabian Symbols hanging out on the shelves of your local bookstore, then it was probably this one...

I occasionally hear rumblings of criticism from "purists" regarding Rudhyar's book and the fact that he changed (updated) some of the language and terms used for the symbols. But the fact is... that up until the publishing of Rudhyar's book - most of the astrology community had never even heard of these relatively obscure symbols. So if it weren't for Rudhyar... then most of these picky "purists"  would have never laid eyes on the Sabian Symbols...

My all time favorite author on the subject of Sabian Symbols is Lynda Hill of Australia. If you've ever seen the quite excellent Astrological Clock software program Solar Spark or the Solar Fire Sabian Oracle - then Lynda Hill is the person that wrote the amazing Sabian Symbol interpretations. Here's a link to her most excellent site with plenty of info on the Sabian Symbols.

My Limited Take
My experience has been that sometimes the Sabian symbols appear to "work" incredibly well... and then sometimes they appear to lose energy and don't "seem to work" particularly well at all... of course, as Lynda Hill once chided me - the "losing energy thing" might be because I'm not wearing the proper "eyeglasses" to see what's there... and she - an extraordinarily talented and intuitive astrologer - is likely correct on the matter. The Sabian symbols can be incredibly insightful. At least they are in my own chart...

And (in the spirit of the Sabian Symbols) I think I prefer to remain a bit vague and mysterious about the many different ways that they can be utilized. You can (and should) find out more at Lynda's site.

Oh yeah! Parading Peacock? The Parading Peacock is the Sabian Symbol attached to my birth (natal) Moon...

So, now do ya like them? If you've been to the rest of this site, then you can readily see how well they really do "work?"

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