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Astrological Attraction

Just Beyond Sun Signs
In this article - we're going to journey just a teeny tiny bit beyond Sun Sign comparisons and talk about astrological romantic attraction. If you've read my articles on Sun Sign comparisons and compatibility, then you were most likely surprised to learn that Sun Sign comparisons only speak about how easily two people can potentially get along with each other without driving one another nuts. They speak very little to attraction.

So it's time that you get your feet just ever so slightly wet with the astrological technique called "Synastry." Synastry is just a fancy smancy word for the comparison of two birth charts for purposes of determining astrological compatibility.

Aw shucks... don't get scared and run off! What I'm about to discuss is something that (with a little effort) virtually anyone can do.

Planetary Ambassadors
In astrology, the birth positions of all the various planets in our solar system play their own unique symbolic roles as messengers and ambassadors of the universe...

In fact - there are two luminaries (the Sun and the Moon), eight planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), twelve signs, twelve houses (and much more) which go into making up our unique birth charts...

But generally speaking… two of the most important points to pay close attention to in any astrological chart reading are:

Two Most Important Characters

  • The Sun
  • The Ascendant (or Rising Sign)

This overriding importance of the Sun and Ascendant holds true when interpreting birth charts - and it holds equally true when performing synastry comparisons between the birth charts of two people. In a nutshell… the Sun reflects where we're going, and the Ascendant explains how we're going to get there.

Doing simple Zodiac Sign comparisons between the Sun and the Ascendant is something virtually anyone can do without the aid and/or expertise of an astrologer (and without getting too confused and/or lost).

Note: But in order to make these simple comparisons, you must have calculated birth charts for both of the people you wish to compare. At the bottom of the next page, I've provided a link that discusses where you can get an accurate and free online birth chart calculated. A birth chart is based on your month, day, and year of birth (i.e. 2/19/56). For an accurately calculated Ascendant Sign, you must also know the exact time of birth (i.e. 8:09 am, 7:34 pm, 3:45 am) and the geographical location of your birth (i.e. the city, town, village, hut).

Cross Comparisons
As mentioned, cross Sun Sign comparisons don't speak much about potential romantic attraction and/or "falling in love." But start adding in cross Sign comparisons between the Sun and Ascendant - and then we're beginning to touch on those all important issues that are so near and dear to our hearts.

Continue on to: Sun/Ascendant - Attractions R Us

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