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Getting a Clue (Jungian Style)!

Yeah sure... all of this Jungian psychological stuff is fine and grand... but so how does this archetypal "psyche hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo " effect someone in real, everyday normal life?

C'mon now! You're at my web site...
and you've got the nerve to call yourself "normal?" Okay... okay... here's an example that I call the Snowman and The Wicked Witch...

Have you ever...?
Have you ever been involved in a conversation with someone and suddenly (seemingly out of nowhere) some very "emotionally charged" rude comment pops out of your mouth (that surprises even you)? You think to yourself, "Geez, I wonder what 'possessed' me to say that? That wasn't like me at all..."

Out of whack testosterone levels aside, what irrationally "possessed" you was probably one of those mysterious archetypes popping out from within the depths of the vast "collective unconscious."

The Snowman and The Wicked Witch (liberally adapted from The Witch and the Clown: Two Archetypes of Human Sexuality by Ann and Barry Ulanov and from the "Iceman and the Medusa" by Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene)

Who is there among us that has been involved in a "love relationship" that has not experienced the archetypal battle and/or scenario (behavior) of the "Snowman and the Wicked Witch?"

Authors Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene suggest imagining yourself sitting together with your favorite romantic partner on the sofa. Both of you are generally content and happy campers without a care in the world. Then one of you (typically, but not always, the female) leans over to the other person and sweetly whispers, "Honey, we need to talk..."

Now... this innocent enough "feeling statement" automatically, unconsciously activates the freezing cold irrational archetypal "thinking" behavior of the "Snowman" in the second partner (stereotypically the guy). I know that "feeling statement" brings sheer terror to the likes of me.

So the Snowman, the second partner, instantaneously becomes irrationally defensive and then emotionally withdraws from this dreaded, all too frightening, "feeling encounter." In this situation, the "Snowman" is now headed for the nearest Exit at full throttle and often makes the (all too futile) attempt to escape into the relative safety of his/her head (thinking).

The Dreaded Icy Glaze
So an irrational icy glaze then comes over the Snowman's face...

Upon this radical irrational withdrawal by the Snowman, the original partner's archetypal "Wicked Witch" is then unconsciously activated. The Wicked Witch then begins the brewing process of magically turning the escaping Snowman into a cold, lifeless, and dead stone...

The farther the irrational Snowman attempts to withdraw into the detached safety of his (her) head - the more (in direct proportion) irrationally determined, spiteful, and angry the Wicked Witch becomes in her (his) demand to talk about feelings.

In this universal (archetypal) situation - both of you (the Snowman and the Wicked Witch) are clueless about how, why and what's suddenly "gotten into" the other person and "posessed them"...

And the two of you are now "caught up" in an endless, unconscious, irrational, snowballing cycle...

You did notice I used the word "irrational" several different times?

Don't forget! Just moments ago, both of you were basically content, happy campers and hanging out together on the sofa. Now it's suddenly become an irrational, archetypal World War III...

Yep! The Snowman and the Wicked Witch have taken over the two of you and "possessed" you. [Throwing astrology into the mix for just a second, this archetypal scenario can be described and seen as the squared off unconscious battle between the fixed Zodiac signs of Aquarius (Snowman) in the element of Air and Scorpio (Wicked Witch) in the element of Water.]

Armistice (Getting a Clue)
The idea and/or solution to this (arche)typical scenario of being clueless - (according to Jungian Depth Psychology) is to become "conscious" of it. i.e. to get a clue!...

Real Choice

In our day to day lives, we often "unconsciously" and compulsively get "caught up" in acting out various archetypal patterns of behavior (myths, scenarios) such as the Snowman and the Wicked Witch.

Sigmund Freud once said that we repeat what we want to forget. So "getting a clue" is how we can start breaking free of our more obsessive/compulsive (and potentially destructive) archetypal patterns of behavior.

"Getting a clue" is the key to making our daily choices and actions feel less "fated."

How? By the simple realization that we don't have to repeatedly get "caught up" in all those same old compulsive behaviors and "fated" mistakes. "Getting a clue" is what opens up real choice and freedom in our lives.

Yeah... I know... much easier said than done... but my "significant other" has learned the hard way that she never (ever, ever) gets what she wants by opening off with: "Honey, we need to talk."

Back To The Example
Getting back to our example (and perhaps being a wee bit stereotypical), we all know that it's most often the man who's cast in the role of the Snowman...
and it's most often the woman who plays out the part as Wicked Witch...

However in my long life experience, I've occasionally managed to play both of the archetypal roles in the Snowman/Wicked Witch scenario. Yep, most often I've been the Snowman - but then at other times I've successfully tried out for and gotten the role of the Wicked Witch...

Similar variations to this same theme can be found in the books:

The Witch and the Clown
(Two Archetypes of Human Sexuality)

by Ann and Barry Ulanov

New Insights In Modern Astrology
called the Iceman and the Medusa
by Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene

(Before leaving... Would you like to see a 17th Century depiction of the Medusa by Caravaggio?)

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