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"Love is the astrolabe of God's mysteries" Rumi

Astrolabe? God's mysteries? What's up with that?

To our 21st century minds - the above phrase conjures up very few images or clues as to what the 13th century Sufi mystic and poet, Rumi, might have been referring to...

First off, it might help to know that an astrolabe was an ancient instrument or lens used to observe the positions of the celestial bodies (planets, stars, etc.).

However, to further explain this statement, it's crucial to know that for Rumi there was a mystical experience known as the "True Fana" or the "true passing away into the Divine."

True Fana
According to archetypal author, John Haule (The Divine Madness), in Rumi's mystical concept of "true fana" - human lovers served one another as mutual lenses (astrolabes)
into the mysteries of the heavens that contained the one true Eternal Divine Lover.

So, in true fana - passing away into the essence and soul of one's human lover was simultaneously an experience of passing away into the mysteries of the Divine Lover...

(Actually this Sufi concept appears to smack of the much earlier Greek philosopher Plato's influence... )

Anyway... alas... according to Rumi, not all - or even most - love shared between human lovers was (or is) able to remain an experience of "true fana." There was also, alas, the experience of "false fana."

False Fana
False fana occurs either when we fall in love with an illusion or when a love experience fades slowly, but surely, away into empty, misty illusion...
and our yearning for the lost and missing ghost lover, that has abandoned us, then turns into mindless obsession...

Our obsession for the lost lover then leads us far, far away from the divine mysteries, our journey, and our true destination...

Good Lord, does all that sound a wee bit familiar or what?

Getting Along
Astrologer extraordinaire Stephen Arroyo has said:
"astrology is much better at explaining 'getting along' - than it is at describing or predicting the divine mysteries of love."

In depth psychologist Dr. Carl G. Jung's famous clinical astrological experiments, regarding compatibility and married couples - Jung made the observation that there appears to be no one, single traditional "signature" in the birth chart that will faithfully predict who will (and who will not) fall in love and then get married.

Jung did, however, conclude there appears to be a case by case astrological connection between the individual needs (complexes) of one person and who that person ends up falling in love with and possibly marrying...

The astrological birth chart cannot predict with total assurance who will (or who will not) fall in love, marry, and then live happily ever after...

Alas! The bad news (and the paradoxically good news) is:

Astrology does not contain
the secret of
the Love Potion!

If the birth chart could faithfully predict the Love Potion, then astrologers would be among the richest and most powerful people in the entire world! Thank the gods that the Love Potion is wild, irrational, and remains untamed! And it ultimately chooses to enter our limited world of time and space at moments of its own reasoning…

The Love Potion is Everywhere… The Love Potion is No where… Tell the truth… You really didn’t expect to discover the truth of the Love Potion so easily and for free on this web site… Heck, I’m a nice guy and I’m generous - but I’m not that nice or that generous...

Truth is... if I did know the full secret of the Love Potion -

then I’d be selling it for a king’s ransom…

Hints of the Potion:

5th House:
There are hints of the Love Potion in the 5th house:
the excitement of the gamble, the risk, the pleasure, and the awakening of new love…

7th House:
There are hints of the Love Potion in the 7th house:
the house of partners and open opponents…

8th House:
There are hints of of the Love Potion in the timeless 8th house:
the house of sex, desires, passion and death... In French, the word for orgasm is: "le petit mort" meaning "little deaths"… (As the French might say: "Ooh la la...") Did you think it merely coincidence that most murders are committed as crimes of passion against someone known and loved by the perpetrator?…

11th House:
There are hints of the Love Potion in the 11th house:
the house of friendship, hopes and aspirations…

12th House:
There are hints of the Love Potion in the 12th house:
the house of illusion, fantasy, imagination, romance, and redemption...

More Hints:
There are hints of the Love Potion in the planets of Venus, Mars and Neptune... there are hints of the Love Potion
throughout the birth chart! There are hints that help explain, in retrospect, why the attraction has occurred, if the attraction is potentially strong enough to result in marriage, and hints that can point out some of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of a relationship…

Unwelcome (and Unheeded) Conclusion
But the divine spark of the Love Potion
will always remain a mystery... the Love Potion will always remain out of the control and/or predictions of mere mortals… and the Love Potion lovingly laughs at all our feeble efforts to do so!

Dr Z

"Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy,
absent minded. Someone sober

will worry about events going badly.

Let the lover be." Rumi

Suggested reading to learn more about the love potion:
The Divine Madness
written by John Haule

Read more about true and false fana at John Haule's site

(Buy his book at Amazon.com)

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