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Pluto in Astrology and Mythology

Thereís so much to say about astrological Pluto thatís never been said or considered by many (or most) astrologers. You see... poor old Pluto has generally had extremely "bad press" in astrology and has even in recent times "lost face" in astronomy.

Unfortunately - if youíre at all like me Ė when surfing the Web, Iíve got the attention span of a little less than a gnat. So Iíve prepared this small section on the god Pluto (known as Hades to the Greeks). Hopefully this will give you a wee bit of a taste of what the mysterious, fateful, distant, and cold planet Pluto (that rules the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio) is all about.

So follow on, Web surfer! Follow me, if you dare, honoring Pluto and his mysterious depths, secrets, buried treasures, and vast wealth that rightfully belong to the mythological underworld realm of the Roman god Pluto.

"The only bad planet is the planet that isn't honored"... Richard Idemon

"Through me the road to the city of Desolation... Abandon hope, all ye who enter here...." from the Divine Comedy (Dante while standing at the Gates of Hades)

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