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The Medusa, Pegasus, and Scorpio
Remain calm, Scorpio! This section really is about Scorpio and Pegasus... but first, you've got to make it past the deadly Medusa.

Tell the truth, Scorpio Sun! It's no huge secret to you that Scorpio and the archetypal image of the Medusa have a lot in common.

C'mon! You remember the Medusa, don't you?... she was one of the three Gorgon sisters of Greek mythology. The Gorgon sisters were the three ladies who could turn men into stone just by looking at them.

Terrifyingly Beautiful
You see... once upon a time, the three Gorgon sisters were all beautiful, desirable women.

The most beautiful of the three sisters, Medusa, happened to catch the attention of the god Poseidon (the god of the oceans and waterways).

Having been smitten with desire for the beautiful Medusa, Poseidon set out about seducing her... and to make a long story short, they got together for one glorious night of wild, passionate lovemaking in the temple of Athena.

Unfortunately, the temple of Athena was an extremely bad choice of places for Poseidon and Medusa to get together and do the wild thing...

You see... Athena (being a chaste, virgin goddess) was terribly offended by this sort of behavior going on in her sacred temple... And so, Athena's punishment was to curse Medusa and her two sisters with sheer, unadulterated ugliness! Athena turned the three sister's hair into live snakes and filled their eyes with venomous fury and horror. They ended up having a gaze which could (and would) turn even the most valiant of heroes into stone.

Yet, in spite of their monstrous condition, sources say the three sisters were terrifyingly beautiful and seductive to behold.

And so... any man unfortunate enough to encounter the infamous Gorgon sisters, (even when knowing that exchanging glances with the Gorgons would result in instant death), still could not avert his gaze from the terrifyingly beautiful Gorgon sisters....

We learn the most about the Gorgon sisters in the adventures of a Greek hero by the name of Perseus.

(You may remember this story from that movie "The Clash of the Titans" The version of the story in the movie is bogus.)

For various heroic reasons, Perseus has sworn to a certain king that he (Perseus) will bring this king the head of the dreaded Medusa.

Of the three Gorgon sisters, only the Medusa is mortal and can be killed.... Perseus, generously aided by gifts of Athena and Hermes (consisting of a golden shield and a swift sword) finally locates the cave of the terrifying Gorgon sisters. Luckily for Perseus, he comes upon the Gorgons while they're still soundly sleeping.

But foolishly, Perseus cannot avert his eyes from the seductive beauty of the Medusa (who is still fast asleep). Finally, only after much concentrated mental effort, Perseus is able to force himself to look away from the Medusa....

The Medusa then awakens to see Perseus; and a battle between Perseus and Medusa ensues. But using the golden shield of Athena, Perseus is able to see the Medusa's reflection. And with the swift sword of Hermes, Perseus cuts off the head of Medusa.

(Settle down... I'm about to get to the Pegasus part!)

The Medusa Connection?
Face it...  it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to make the connection between the Medusa and Scorpionic energies....

There's no need to grasp at straws here.

But in all fairness to you Scorpio Suns, I'd be more than remiss if I failed to mention that folks with their

Moon in Scorpio
Ascendant in Scorpio
Sun and/or Moon in aspect to Pluto
Sun and/or Moon in the 8th house
are not exactly strangers to the energies of Medusa.

In fact, wherever you find Scorpionic/Plutonian energies in the birth chart, you'll likely find the Medusa lurking in the shadows nearby....

Intensity and betrayal are often a couple of the Medusa's favorite themes.

If Looks Could Kill, (They Certainly Will)
C'mon now, Scorpio! Tell the truth... Turned anyone into stone with your dark, powerful Scorpionic gaze lately?

You know... That stone cold glare which quite effectively informs its recipients that they might as well not exist on this (or any other) planet..

Okay, okay... I know they probably did something deserving of "the dreaded look."

But all those writhing, venomous snakes growing out of your head?

Do something about that... Okay? Check in with a hair stylist!

First Name Basis
And yeah… I know... I know...

Everyone has their own internal Medusa to deal with! She's the Medusa that everyone eventually has to to face, battle and ultimately reconcile with....

But Scorpio, we know, you're on a first name basis with the lady. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing...

Over your years of experience with the lady, you've become rather adept in recognizing the Medusa in you -- therefore also recognizing  when she's rearing her ugly head and spewing out her venom through the people around you. So your "first name basis" with the lady comes in handy by keeping you alert to all the many Medusas who inevitably cross your path.

(or the Rest of the Story)
But so where does Pegasus fit into all this?

After Medusa's night of passion in the temple of Athena, she was "with child" by Poseidon.

And so at the time of her death, the Medusa carried within her womb the hero Chrysaor and the winged steed Pegasus.

And when the Medusa's head was severed at the neck, Chrysaor and Pegasus sprang out. And older versions of the tale show Perseus escaping the other two Gorgon sisters while riding on the back of Pegasus.

It was out of the Medusa's head – that the beautiful, majestic, winged horse, Pegasus was born.

The very same archetypal energies which gave life to the Medusa are also the energies which gave life and birth to the winged horse, Pegasus. Medusa was released from her curse by the heroic deeds of Perseus, and through the cutting off of her head.

Thus, learning lessons of mental detachment are often quite crucial in the continued growth and lives journeys of those strong in Scorpionic/Plutonic energies.

The Medusa symbolizes the curse of Scorpio, but Pegasus is the final redemption and rebirth of Scorpio set free!

Footnote: And on the journey back to the king, the blood of Medusa spilled out on the land, bringing forth snakes and scorpions on the land.

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