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Carl G Jung's Astrological Part of Fortune

Carl G Jung was born July the 26th, 1875 at 7:27:12 pm*** in Kesswil, Switzerland. He died June the 6th, 1961 at his home located in Kusnacht, Switzerland.

One of the best ways I could think of to sum up of the life, work, and times of Carl G Jung was by relying on an astrological birth chart "sensitive point" commonly called the Part of Fortune.

Solar Fire Interpretations Text (thought I'd use an impartial, third party interpretation)

PT FORTUNE IN SCORPIO For you, regeneration equals joy. Inspiring courage and transformation in others is a key to your fulfillment.

PT FORTUNE IN THE 9TH HOUSE Your greatest joy is experienced through the discovery of truth. You need to be aware of the duality between worldly and spiritual realms.

For those of you reading this section that are already familiar with Jung's life and writings? Could that description possibly be any better or closer in hitting the target regarding Jung?

*** Please note: Carl G Jung's birth time? It's complicated. You'll see many slightly different "official" birth times given for Carl G Jung. However... the time of birth given above is based on the actual birth chart placements as calculated and used by Carl G Jung's astrologer daughter, Gret, that placed his Ascendant at 2.5 degrees of Aquarius, his Midheaven (MC) at 29 degrees of Scorpio, and his Sun in the 7th house. (Sources: Spring Journal 1975 and 1999). I consider using the same birth chart placements that Carl G Jung and his daughter Gret used to be the exact same thing as using a rectified birth time.

"During those summer holidays of 1898, from July until roughly September 10, transiting Uranus stood exactly at my father's MC, at 29 degrees Scorpio." excerpt from Spring Journal 1975 in article written by Gret Baumann-Jung

I confess that the Spring Journal 1975 chart time specified for Carl G Jung's birth is 7:32 pm and appeared to use the Campanus house system. However, using today's incredibly precise astrology calculation software, using the time of 7:32 pm gives Jung an Ascendant of 4 degrees Aquarius and a Midheaven of 1 degree Sagittarius. This most significantly changes Jung's Midheaven from Scorpio to Sagittarius and moves his Sun into the 6th house.

The Spring Journal 1999 chart specifies that it uses 7:26 pm as Carl G Jung's time of birth, where it appears that author Monika Relph-Wikman may have been using the same logic I am using here, preferring to use the chart placements (Ascendant 2.5 degrees of Aquarius, Midheaven 29 degrees of Scorpio, and Sun in the 7th house) that Carl G Jung and his daughter Gret actually used.

FYI - Jungian aficionados know the esteemed Spring Journal (an annual of Archetypal Psychology and Jungian thought) published by Spring Publications to be a pretty much definitive source on all things archetypal and Jung.


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