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Mercury Falling

Intuitively, I know there's got to be a lot more to astrological Mercury in the birth chart than the common treatment that we grudgingly, sparingly apportion him in astrology.

And perhaps it's a ghastly admission (especially with Mercury being the Ruler of my Gemini Ascendant), but I reluctantly concede that after all these years I still don't have a real good grip on Mercury. Of course, I might never get a real good grip on slippery, mischievous Mercury...

Yep! Old Merc' is a slippery rascal! And I'm willing to bet Mercury's quite pleased with himself - knowing he gets away with so much downright tomfoolery, while slyly casting the blame and culpability elsewhere in the chart. And then when the time is just right, he sneaks up behind you with a mischievous (oft times lovable) "Gotcha!"

Yep! About the only time Mercury gets any attention at all are those times when he occasionally goes retrograde in the transiting sky. Then Mercury ends up getting the blame for just about anything and everything that might go wrong.

Hermes (Mercury), by some accounts, was the god who originally owned and wore the "Helmet of Invisibility." This Helmet happens to be the very same Helmet of Invisibility we more typically associate with the hidden god of the underworld Hades (Pluto). Apparently Hades was merely temporarily borrowing it from Hermes. So Mercury, like Pluto, revels in (and loves) working silently, invisibly behind the scenes.

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