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Mars Attack

Among the various “hit lists” that I use and look at on a regular basis, I have a special transit hit list that I like to call the “Mars Attack.”

What is the “Mars Attack?” Transiting Mars passing over the 4 chart angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and IC) often denotes sudden action taken or sudden activity happening to you.

When hot-blooded, passionate, and lusty Mars is transiting over one of the 4 angles in a birth chart it can at times denote the beginning (Alpha) of a hot-blooded, passionate, and lusty love affair.

Conversely, Mars transiting over one of the 4 birth chart angles can at times also denote the ending (Omega) of a hot-blooded, passionate, and lusty love affair.

Since Mars transits over your birth chart angles approximately twice each year, this phenomenon potentially denoting the beginning or ending of a hot-blooded, passionate, and lusty love affair is thankfully only one of several necessary ingredients in a recipe.

I say thankfully, because if it hammered in the beginning or end of a hot-blooded, passionate, love affair each and every time, then we’d all be worn out, “basket cases” - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What Are Chart Angles?
Chart angles consist of the Ascendant/Descendant axis and the Midheaven /I.C axis. These intersecting axes that form a cross, based on the exact time and location of one’s birth, together comprise four of the most powerful and telling incarnational or transcendant points on the birth chart.

Traditionally, in most house systems, these four angles - Ascendant, I.C., Descendant, and Midheaven - were considered to be the cusp (beginning point) of the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses. Nowadays, many astrologers (to the chagrin of traditional astrology) have recognized that, for example, both sides of the Ascendant (end of the 12th house and beginning of the 1st house) are very powerful and can be very important to consider.

Listed In Order of Relative Strength

· Ascendant – end of 12th, beginning of 1st

· Midheaven – end of 9th, beginning of 10th

· Descendant – end of 6th, beginning of 7th

· I.C. – end of 3rd, beginning of 4th

Mars Is Rising (Sap’s Rising)
Whenever any transiting planet passes over one of these four incarnational or transcendant birth chart angles, the archetypal energies of that particular planet are symbolically poured and/or funneled into one’s chart.

So what happens when hot-blooded, passionate, and lusty Mars passes over one of these angles? Remember how alive and virile you often feel during the first rush of Spring each year? Same concept. Your personal Spring is possibly happening at a different time. (Some say they notice a marked decrease in energy when Mars passes over the IC.)

Does every love affair begin or end when Mars is moving over one of the angles. No. For one thing, not every love affair is can be characterized as being hot-blooded, passionate, and lusty. Secondly, as with everything in astrology, we’re only talking about the 4 P’s: potentials, probabilities, predisposition, and propensities.

Everytime I share one of my (ahem) priceless rule of thumb suggestions, some pesky astrologer writes in: "blah, blah, blah... and furthermore... blah, blah, blah..."

So... (warding off those inevitable emails) just pay some "heads up" attention to transiting Mars when it passes over the angles of the chart.

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