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Jupiter - The Greater Benefic

The planet Jupiter has traditionally been called the "greater benefic."

In traditional astrology, everything Jupiter touched was blessed with his beneficial presence... and so it's rather interesting that modern day astronomy appears to be giving a grudging nod to Jupiter's traditional astrological role and reputation among the other planets.

A few years back (1994), the planet Jupiter took some pretty huge hits from a comet... and at the time it was mentioned by astronomers how ironic it was (in view of traditional astrology) that large gaseous planets (such as Jupiter) actually do play a beneficial role of "protector" in their solar systems.

Apparently... large gaseous planets, by virtue of their size and composition, tend to attract comets and asteroids to themselves and away from the smaller planets. The larger planets in solar systems (such as Jupiter) thus protect the smaller, more vulnerable planets (such as Earth) from taking these large hits by comets and asteroids.

Caveat: In all fairness, I must immediately point out my particular jovial, optimistic, enthusiastic, and overblown viewpoint (regarding the "fortunate" hits that Jupiter took for us wee little earthlings) is (shall we say) somewhat of a minority opinion in the "astrology community."

To the contrary - many (or most) astrologers - being a superstitious lot when it comes to comets - looked dimly upon the event and regarded it as being rather ominous in nature.

What can I say? They all have the right to be wrong.

Jupiter in the birth chart provides important clues regarding our greatest source of joy, fulfillment, inspiration, and potential for growth.

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