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Planetarium Zeroing in on the astrological planets - the heart of astrology.

Love Shack Love, Romance, Compatibility, Soul Mates, and other Mushy Stuff

Weird and Wonderful of Astrology The mysterious, the odd, and the downright wacky of astrology.
Back To The Basics Includes the Dr Z Crash Course and much more.
All Things CG Jung and Soul Growth  
Astrology, Archetypes, and Jung Astrology articles focusing on growth and maturation of the soul.
Unus Mundus Section uniquely devoted to articles and tutorials on the depth psychology of CG Jung, signs, symbols, archetypes, and dream interpretation.
More Features
The Deep A smattering of quasi-advanced astrological topics.
Predictive astrology - peering into the future.
Astrology Well of Wisdom Twitter, Suggested Reading and What's Popular
Mercury Retrograde What is it and how do we best deal with it?
Bookstore Astrology and soul growth titles featured.
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Start mastering the Zodiac at The Zodiac Master! Nope, you'll quickly discover that The Zodiac Master is not your typical, "bread and butter," and "run-of-the-mill" Sun Sign astrology site.

First opened in September of 1996, the ancient symbolic language of Western Tropical astrology is still spoken, practiced, and taught at The Zodiac Master in 2024.

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