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Is The Zodiac Master astrology site still: "The Best Kept Secret on the World Wide Web?"

How Can Little Old You Help Out Dr Z?
You say you're ready, willing and (possibly) able to show Dr Z a little love?

Then think about it for a second? Just how in the heck did you manage to stumble into this site? Getting "found" certainly ain't easy for any astrology site.

Do a search for astrology and you typically wind up getting 100,000 or more links to sift through... At Google, for example, there are currently 40,000,000 results for the word "astrology." Despite efforts to the contrary, Dr Z still doesn't typically fair very well on a search for the word "astrology" (currently listed as link 167).

Since Dr Z's Zodiac Master astrology site has been sharing information on the World Wide Web since September of 1996... it kinda makes you wonder just what in the heck you have to do to get a good ranking. Maybe if Dr Z would consider giving Google his first born child or consider donating one of his kidneys?

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Did you enjoy and/or otherwise benefit from your time spent surfing through The Zodiac Master? Dr Z has now spent well over a decade providing visitors with free and (more importantly) quality information regarding astrology and how astrology works...

Dr Z is repeatedly tempted with adding exchange banners, advertising banners, pop ups, and other 3rd party advertisements... and quite frankly, if Dr Z did do this - then he'd have more visitors and also make more money off this site. But you really don't want to look at all those pesky advertisements that Dr Z has little or no control over, do you?

So...? So, in order to keep those all those slow, annoying exchange and advertisement banners and pop ups off of this site - you can actively support Dr Z and The Zodiac Master by adding a link and/or spreading the word via social media such as Facebook or Twitter!

Can you give Dr Z five extra minutes of your time? Help Dr Z, José the faithful guide dog, and The Zodiac Master become Net Legends! You'll be glad you did...

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