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Astrological Compatibility Reports With Ratings

Updated October 11, 2015

Question: How helpful and/or accurate are all those astrology compatibility readings that include ratings?


Ah... the computer generated astrology reports that provide compatibility ratings? Yep... they're pretty darned popular. And before I knew any better, I liked them, too. Quick, simple, fun and painless...

But here's the skinny: The compatibility ratings are typically based on an astrological technique called "synastry" (cross aspects) chart comparison.

And I've got a few concerns about the average compatibility report that gives ratings and/or scores:

First Concern:
First of all, many (or most) of these chart comparisons are still based and designed on a traditional idea that everybody (truly) wants nice, comfortable, easy relationships (that are in turn based on nice, comfortable, easy cross aspects like trines and sextiles).

The fact is (despite protestations to the contrary) a lot of folks unconsciously choose to have more friction and/or tension in their intimate relationships - and these folks tend to get easily bored with too much nice, comfortable and easy.

Most of us, in fact, need and want a balance of nice and easy along with a little friction added in.

In my estimation... there's truly not a "one size fits all" formula that everyone can be neatly plugged into.

Next Concern:
Except for a handful of the more expensive professional report generating programs available, few of them are all that sophisticated and are limited in their capability to perform a complete, well rounded "synastry" comparison.

They're generally good as far as they go... and they're certainly much better than doing a simple Sun Sign comparison... But most don't go far enough... and so you end up missing out on several significant factors that really ought to be strongly considered when doing "synastry" compatibility comparisons...

And, when it comes to sophistication of the software providing the rating, I doubly have to wonder just how much actual thought has gone into the formulation of numbers used to crunch out those compatibility ratings?

Seems like you'd need the rare combination of highly sophisticated software along with a statisical genius and astrological savant to come up with a reasonably adequate result that in all (or most) cases actually reflects the opinion of the particular astrologer.

Yep! While there are some fine compatibility reports out there, such as the one sold here at StarryMart, the best ones generally aren't crazy (deceptive, inflated) enough to provide ratings.

Final Concern
And finally, "synastry" chart comparison is only one of several tools that can be (and are) used by astrologers when evaluating astrological compatibility between two people.

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