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April 15, 2000

The 2000 Taurus Alignment
Taurus continually asks and reasks through 2020: What Do You Value Most in Life?

Have you heard about the May 2000 planetary alignment in the Zodiacal sign of Taurus? The two luminaries - the Sun and Moon - and all 5 of the visible planets known to the ancients - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn - were lined up in the Zodiacal sign of Taurus.

Every astrologer (and every astrologer in training) seems to have had a slightly different opinion and slant on this very significant planetary alignment in the sign of Taurus.

Each astrologer also seems to have had a different time in mind as to when the exact moment(s) of greatest significance occurred.

One thing, however, does appear certain. Individually and collectively, during the next twenty years, the Zodiacal sign of Taurus will be asking us the hard question, "What do you value most in your life?" Whether on a societal or individual level - honoring the Taurean energies contained in this great planetary alignment will involve:

* the offering up of our values
* the reevaluation of our values
* and then the fortitude and slow, steady, staying power required to stand solidly behind what we have chosen to value.

Major Planetary Alignments
Fact is... astrologers don't have much practical experience in interpreting such a massive, intense archetypal gathering of planets within a single Zodiacal sign. You see... there was only one other time in the past five hundred years when planet Earth experienced a similar type alignment of the 7 visible planets - just one time when all 7 planets were contained within one single Western Tropical Zodiacal sign. (Astronomers will likely tell you something different about this. That's okay - astrologers and astronomers have agreed on very little during the past three hundred years or so.)

On February 4, 1962 - a similar planetary alignment occurred in the sign of Aquarius. I should mention here, that in modern times Aquarius has enjoyed the benefits of a very nice and overly idealized reputation when compared with the other 12 Zodiac Signs. I wasn't an astrologer at the time, and so I can't speak for the general opinions or consensus of astrologers anticipating the historic alignment occurring in the sign of Aquarius. I do, however, remember the Western pop culture of the time believing that a glorious humanitarian age of free love and good will was about to be ushered in - and that in this glorious enlightenment of humanity, peace would rule the planet Earth.

The wonderful Scottish astrologer Isabelle Pagan (1867-1960) commented in the 1930 edition of her book From Pioneer to Poet that as a rule she avoided making predictions about such things. "Few have the fortitude to face predictions of calamity without loss of energy; while many, assured of coming luck - especially financial - are inclined to take things easy."

I'd like to think Isabelle Pagan might join with me in asking, "Who on Earth, being a cultural product of the 1950s, would have ever predicted the good, the bad, and the uglier sides of this planetary alignment in Aquarius... the electric, exciting, rebellious, turbulent, tragic, riotous, 'Sixties.' Who would have predicted the heroic struggle for Civil Rights and racial equality in the United States. Who would have predicted the wild child 'Woodstock generation?' Who would have predicted all the many possible manifestations, surprises, and shocks contained within the sign of Aquarius?"

Hopefully, astrologers did learn one important lesson from the 1962 planetary alignment in Aquarius. No planetary alignment of this magnitude will ever be all positive or all negative. This intensification of Taurean energies will begin a new cycle of growth focused on all the many "possibilities" and "faces" contained within the Zodiacal sign of Taurus.

What's The Real Question?
In this Taurean planetary alignment (that the 1962 Aquarius alignment lacked), there was a planetary conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. Occurring approximately every 20 years, the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn are traditionally known for signaling "the turning over of power." Occurring in the sign of Taurus, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will kick off a 20 year cycle where humanity will turn its focus onto the good, the bad, and the uglier sides of Taurean energy.

While skimming through the Mountain Astrologer magazine edition dedicated to the Taurus alignment, I came across the article, "The May 2000 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction," written by astrologer Greg Bogart. In his article Greg Bogart reminded readers of the most important question to ask when facing any significant planetary happening.

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