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Dr Z Takes a Look at Predictive Astrology

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Welcome, one and all! I've reserved this section of the Zodiac Master for the more "predictive hat" that astrology enjoys wearing when "spiffing up" and going out for a special evening on the town...

Spiffing Up
Unfortunately, in discussing the very complex subject of "predictive astrology" - right from the "get-go" - we're up against some rather severe limitations...
since you're reading this during a brief, "meteoric" moment of respite from the vast expanses of the Internet - we both know the moment I start to get boring you'll head straight for the nearest exit.

The Unfolding of the Soul
The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus (535-475 BCE) once wrote: "The soul is its own source of unfolding." Believe it or not - that short, simple statement is the core basic principle standing behind all soul based predictive astrology...

Predictive astrology (at its best) looks at and describes the natural, systematic, "unfolding" potentials of the soul.

Discussing The Concept of Transits

When Good Love Goes Bad
The ususal planetary suspects when good love goes bad.

Transits of Jupiter with the Outer Planets - Whenever Jupiter gets together for a conjunction party with one the archetypal planets – Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto – you can generally count on Jupiter greatly expanding whatever it touches.

The 2000 Planetary Alignment of Taurus
A look back at
the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn Taurus conjunction that signifies the beginning of a 20 year cycle of Taurus and an introduction to the astrological concept of "honoring the gods."

Fate and Astrology
Series of articles at this site addressing the issue of how fated the future is and attempting to control the future through astrology.

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