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    Elementary, My Dear Watson

    I admit it. When I first started studying astrology, I ignored the 4 elements. This was because there were so many more exciting, intriguing, exotic, and downright sexy things to look at, research, and consider!

    Signs, Aspects, Modes, Houses, Dispositors, Midpoints, Harmonics, Progressed Moons, Solar Arcs and Dials, Nodes etc. etc. etc.

    The 4 elements sounded too darned simple, too basic, too BORING Big, big, big mistake to sweep past and ignore the basic elements contained in a chart.





    Go back and master the elements. This is a strong and somewhat controversial thought, but in the end... all the other more exotic things are simply "icing on the cake."

    You're right... I haven't told you anything practical here on how to start this process of "mastering the elements." Check out "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" on the Deep Menu. You'll end up with a generous "taste" of the elements...

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