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Mac¡Hola! José - Dr Z's faithful guide dog - here...

Being as my ancient chihuahua ancestors were royal Aztec temple dogs, my beloved master, Dr Z, has requested that I keep a watchful eye over "The Deep End of the Pool." He wanted me to be sure and let you know that "The Deep End of the Pool" is an Astrology section designed for those human type folks that:

  • are already acquainted with most of the basic concepts of astrology
  • and are interested in knowing a little about some of the more "detailed stuff" and "tidbits" that my master uses when doing chart interpretations.

My beloved master, Dr Z, will continue to speak astrology in that same "commonsensical" (a word that a Piscean friend of ours made up) manner as is evident in the rest of The Zodiac Master... but since "The Deep End of the Pool" is geared toward human type folks that already know a fair amount about astrology - my master, Dr Z, isn't going to necessarily feel obliged to keep backing up in order to explain the more basic concepts...

¡Que lástima! There's no reason to get miffed or go off in a huff - since there's still plenty of good stuff for everybody else in the rest of the site that my master has designed and slaved over for years and years... Okay?

One suggestion? If you happen to be a total novice to all this astrology stuff, then I strongly recommend you check out the Basics of Astrology "Crash Course." In the Crash Course, you'll end up knowing more about astrology than 95% of the human and/or canine population.

For those still interested in "The Deep End of the Pool" - please take note that:

  • It doesn't contain a lot of "how to" information - just a few tips at to what my master, Dr Z, looks for when interpreting charts...
  • It's not all that deep, but he needed a "catchy," short name...

Okay, José! I'll head back and play in the rest of the site!

The Deep End
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Solstice Points Hidden connections in relationship astrology

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