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¿Que pasa? What's happening? Dr Z and his faithful guide dog, José, had originally reserved The Well of Wisdom section of the Zodiac Master for kicking back and discussing what's on his mind.

Now that Dr Z is on Twitter he will be doing much of his musings there, as well as providing links to other third party interesting web site articles and blogs.

Since the Zodiac Master is a large site with a lot of content, the Well is still a darned good place for focusing in on and accessing some of Dr Z's more popular articles and even some of the stand out articles that Dr Z is especially proud of.

Dr Z's Most Popular Google Articles

Sun Sign Compatibility - Dr Z's Love Shack article on Sun Sign compatibility.

Astrology's 8th House - an Archetypal View The 8th house - this is the house that Freud built. Take a deeper look at astrology's 8th House - an Archetypal View.

Scorpio and Sex - "There is a relationship between Scorpio and sexuality. It is not the search for pleasure that brings a Scorpio to sex, it is the search for..."

Destiny's Gate - the Vertex in Astrology - What in the heck is an astrological Vertex? Find out from Dr Z at the Zodiac Master.

Mercury Retrograde - Make a Deal with the Planetary Deal-Maker.

The Eagle and the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio - As a living and powerful archetypal symbol, the eagle is a vivid reminder for Scorpio to take heart and gather courage in the fierce battle of personal ... - The mysterious hidden energy of the Zodiac called Scorpio.

Unus Mundus - Carl Jung, Dreams and Archetypes - Everything You Wanted to Know About CG Jung and Jungian Depth Psychology (but were afraid to ask)!

Free Birth Chart Calculation FAQ - Astrology Here are two of the cream of the crop chart calculators that you can rely on for accuracy.

Dr Z's Top Six Soul Mate Clues in Astrology - These top astrology synastry clues may potentially reflect (mirror) a relationship with inexplicable FEELINGS of fatedness, kinship and deep connection...

Apollo the Sun God - All about Apollo (Son of Zeus) the god of Rationality

Matters of Astrology's 12th House, Pisces, and Neptune
The 12th house is our connection with what Carl Jung monikered as the collective unconscious.

Sun Signs and Astrology Compatibility Continued - What about Sun Sign Astrology Compatibility? There's much more to the subject than you might suspect..

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something." - Plato

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein

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First Dr Z Twitter post was on June 22, 2009 6:28 am, Old Hickory, TN (Vertex: Scorpio 28 degrees in the 5th house) - Truth be told... in 2023 Dr Z's still in the midst of figuring out what in the heck to do with Twitter, but maybe he'll get there.




A Few of Dr Z's Favorite Articles

Puppets or Partners - We can chose to live out our lives as passive puppets of fate or as active partners in our destiny. Destiny will lead you to the turning points in your life, but then it’s up to you take those moments and do something with them.

Plato, Reincarnation, and Astrology - the current Western World “rebirth” of belief in reincarnation (pun intended) appears to owe the majority of credit to the ancient classical Greeks and their fascinating views on the afterlife and reincarnation.

The King Is Dead, Long Live the King - early in life, transiting planets symbolically reflect the emergence, growth, and development of our Sun's energies (ego-consciousness). Later in life, these same transiting planets now act as messengers and helpers that reflect the continuing renewal and rebirth process of our Sun's energies...

Astrology and the Search for Meaning - Astrology is an ancient tool that, when used in concert with Jungian depth psychology, can support us in purposes of self-discovery, soul growth, and being "brought to completion."

Love Journey Through the Zodiac - Back in the 1980s, astrologer/teacher Richard Idemon came up with what Dr Z considers to be a most unique application of four words the Classical Greeks used for (what we today call) love.

Christopher Columbus, Astrology, and the Discovery of America - Ponder with Dr Z just how pivotal a role astrology ended up playing in Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas. Would there even be an "America" such as we know it today without astrology and astrological forecasting?

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