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Looking for an insightful biirth chart interpretation report? Then check out this sample Dr. Z Birth Chart Interpretation report prepared for Chelsea Clinton

Dr. Z’s Birth Chart Interpretations

(c) 2005, You Bet Your Sweet Astrology Consulting

Hi! This is the incredibly boring introduction... boring... boring... boring... and if you're anything like me, then you won't be able to resist skipping this part and checking out all the other more interesting stuff. All I ask is that you eventually come back and read the introduction - it might help out in your ability to understand all the other stuff...

These birth (natal) chart interpretations have been written and prepared to be of the most benefit to adults over the age of eighteen. If you happen to be over the age of thirty, then it's all the better! Nope, it's not that there's anything particularly racy or steamy included in these text interpretations... it's just that it takes an entire lifetime to fully live out and understand all the symbols and potentials contained in one's birth chart

Your birth chart is a "sky map" filled with an array of symbols and potential energies. If this is your very first birth chart interpretation - then chances are you didn't know much more about your sky map, other than the fact that you were a Sun Sign this... or a Sun Sign that...

In writing and preparing this birth chart interpretation text, I've voluntarily given myself the massive Mercurial task of interpreting the many symbols and energies contained in your unique sky map. As such, I'm going to be attempting to explain how the varying combinations of those symbols and energies are most likely to be synthesized and then lived out in your life.

When reading these interpretations, please keep a few things in mind...

1. Your birth chart is going to contain contradictory energies. So not everything you see written here is going to jive with everything else. In one section I might describe you as buoyant and enthusiastic. In another section I might describe you as a great big giant sourpuss. Think about it for just a second... The human psyche is generally speaking rather complex and contradictory... we all have contradictory impulses... think contradictory thoughts... and act in "unconscious" ways that are contradictory to our individual moral codes of "proper behavior." (i.e. resulting in statements such as: "Geez! I can't believe I just said that." Or: "Geez! I can't believe I just did that!") I seriously doubt that you're the one unusual exception to this general rule of thumb...

"So-called unconscious phenomena are those who have no connection with the ego. For this reason the ego usually denies their existence, and yet they reveal themselves in an individual's behaviour. A careful observer can easily see evidence of them, although the individual himself is blissfully unaware of the fact that he is exhibiting his most secret thoughts, or even something he has never consciously thought.

Only prejudice could lead anyone to suppose that, because he has never entertained a certain thought, it cannot be a content of his psyche... It has become obvious that the "whole" must needs include, besides consciousness, the field of unconscious events, and must constitute a sum total embracing both. The ego, once the monarch of this totality, is dethroned. It remains merely the centre of consciousness." THE INTEGRATION OF THE PERSONALITY - Carl G Jung

So (if accurate) why wouldn't you expect your birth chart to reflect all those complexities and contradictions about your nature? Contrary to "pop astrology," you're about to discover that there are not simply 12 different astrological personality profiles. There are not merely 12 different ways of thinking, of taking action, of feeling, etc. Nope! Thankfully, life (and people) is just not that simple.

2. Further, I don't expect you to agree with everything that I've written here - and NOT everything that I have to say is going to make you a happy camper. In fact, in several places, I expect you to say "Hey! That's not me at all! I knew it! I knew it! Astrology is nothing but a big sham!" (Well, hopefully you won't go that far...) Anyway, there are several "things" contained in your birth chart that you may not be able to understand and/or "see" about yourself at the moment (and maybe not for many years or possibly anytime during your lifetime). As stated above, many of our behaviors are unconscious. And again, it takes a lifetime to "live out" your birth chart and become more conscious of what's really going on. There are parts of my chart that I didn't fully understand until I was well into my 40s - and I have a feeling that there are other parts that I won't understand until I'm in my 80s. What's my suggestion? Save these interpretations in a safe place. Then in five, ten, fifteen, twenty years or so, go and get them out again. At that point, see if all this mumbo jumbo makes any more sense.

One huge surprise (and objection) for many folks when reading the text will be the mentions made regarding your father and your mother (contained mostly in Sun and Moon interpretations), and on the continuing effect your parents have on the formation of who you are as an individual, today. (i.e. Remember all those panicked statements you make like: "Oh no! I'm becoming my mother!)

In part, the Sun and Moon in the birth chart (respectively) may reflect an OBJECTIVE, "realistic" picture of who your earthly father and mother were as individuals. (i.e. The Sun and Moon refer to who your parents really were and are.) But the positions and aspects of the Sun and the Moon primarily refer to the "inborn lens" through which you SUBJECTIVELY experienced and perceived your parents. (i.e. At birth, then as a tiny baby lying in the crib, and later as a very young child growing up - you had an "inborn image" of how father and mother were "supposed to be." In reality, your real father and real mother may (or may not) have actually fit this "inborn expectation" all that well. But our individual, subjective, perception of reality usually becomes our reality. Perception is everything!

Please note that when I make referrals to the Moon - and how you tended to see your mother as a young child - that it most often refers to how you saw and perceived of Mom when you were a tiny, tiny infant in the crib (from birth to about 2 years old). While your infant perception of Mom does have a lasting effect on your unconscious emotional needs, it may not "feel" like it has anything to do with your adult (conscious) attitudes toward Mom.

The symbolism behind the Sun and Moon is actually much larger and wider in scope than your individual earthly father and mother. But explaining exactly how and why all that works would take up space in several large books. And to further muddy up the waters, although (in this report) I've consistently stuck to associating the Sun with the Father and the Moon with the Mother... please be aware that life is not that simple! There are times when it's just the exact opposite. This is one of many limitations in a "canned" report. I can only go for the most typical interpretations. This leads into the 3rd thing I want you to keep in mind.

3. If we were able to sit down, chat, and have a face to face reading of your unique, one-of-a-kind, sky map - I'd have the opportunity of making some educated and intuitive hunches about the specific ways you're currently "living out" your sky map. In working with the complex symbols of astrology, the astrologer's task is a lot like an astronomer projecting the continuing orbit of a planet based on the planet's current path (i.e. where the planet's been leading up to where it's currently at). But since we obviously don't have that option in a computerized report - I'm limited to using interpretations that point out some of the more typical and/or ordinary ways a particular energy combination might manifest itself in the outer world.

4. Pay the closest attention to the interpretation texts regarding to the Big Four: the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant, and the Ruling planet of the Ascendant (don't worry, the report will tell you which planet that is). This pertains to signs, aspects, house placements, etc.

Frequently Asked Question: Sometimes your descriptions about a certain aspect between two planets seem to go on and on and on. Many other times, your descriptions are just a short sentence or two. Are the longer descriptions something more important that I should be focusing on and/or more worried about?

Answer: Not necessarily. There are those times when I do try to say a little bit more about certain energy combinations that have the potential of being more difficult to access and deal with. However, as I briefly mentioned in the very beginning of this section, I've given myself the massive Mercurial task of interpreting the many symbols and energies contained in your unique sky map. The goal of my being able to adequately describe in words the full energy potential of any symbol (or combination of symbols) in the human psyche is inevitably a fool's errand. (Truth be known - the long and short descriptions may be more revealing about me than they are you.) Frankly, if I thought I could get by with it - then every description in this report would have consisted of no more than three or four key words. Sometimes, less can be more.

Final Note: When doing personal readings (for the really big bucks), I'm often asked by folks, "So just how do I begin integrating and/or coming to grips with all of my many inner-contradictions? How do I go about having my Sun start getting along with my Moon?" Hey, folks! That's your job, not mine. Besides, don't you think that you're expecting quite a lot for a mere $14.95?

All kidding aside, I'll tell you just exactly what I tell all those folks who have paid the big bucks for a personal reading. It's my sincere hope that this interpretation text will serve a catalyst that spurs on the asking of questions rather than spoon feeding folks with simple answers. The ancient Delphi Oracle life task of "Knowing Thyself" does not lend itself to any easy "one size fits all" answers and/or solutions. Frankly, even if you'd paid me a million bucks or more for a personal reading, I wouldn't be able to provide you with easy answers on how to get along with yourself (or make your Sun get along with your Moon). Most of us have a large crowd of disparate and incongruent voices hiding out in our psyches, and the very best that any astrologer can do is point out and clarify what a few of the major voices are asking (or sometimes demanding) of you. It's up to you to do the hard work of looking within for the hard answers.

The only sage advice I have to offer - as you begin the long and often arduous journey of "Knowing Thyself" - is that you become open to the idea of "making deals" with the many different and diverse voices (even the more negative voices that you don't especially like) by offering each one of them room to breathe and express themselves in your life.

So, relax and enjoy - but also be prepared to see some things about yourself in a different light than you've ever seen before... and remember to keep this report in a safe place - where you can get it out from time to time and reread it (and maybe even throw darts at it). Understanding and living out the full potentials and energies contained in our sky maps is a journey taking a lifetime!

And if you didn't already know it (time for a commercial) - Dr. Z (me) and The Zodiac Master can be seen on the World Wide Web at


Chelsea Clinton - Female Chart
Feb 27 1980, 11:45 pm, CST +6:00
Little Rock AR, 34°N44'47'', 092°W17'22''
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, True Node


Scores: Aries 2; Taurus 0; Gemini 0; Cancer 0; Leo 6; Virgo 4; Libra 1; Scorpio 4; Sagittarius 1; Capricorn 0; Aquarius 0; Pisces 5
These are some of the energies associated with Leo -
Self-confident, generous, warm-hearted, powerful leader, dramatic. Can be overly proud, vain, extravagant, and arrogant.
These are some of the energies associated with Virgo -
Meticulous, discriminating, pure, practical, health conscious, hard working. Can also tend be hyper-critical, petty and perfectionistic.
These are some of the energies associated with Scorpio -
Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, and overly dramatic.
These are some of the energies associated with Pisces -
Compassionate, sensitive, self-sacrificing, gentle, intuitive. Can be escapist, impractical, hyper- sensitive, gullible.

Scores: Fire 9; Earth 4; Air 1; Water 9
Fire is a Yang or Masculine element. It denotes enthusiasm, dynamism, spontaneity, and (sadly) the lack of reflection. Showing up strong in the element of Fire, you tend to be a highly-motivated person with many goals and aspirations for the future. You are vital and spontaneous, often enjoying the challenge of traveling down new and adventurous roads in your life. Your enthusiasm can be irrepressible at times. Your main weakness may lie in your tendency to exaggerate and in your inability to cope with all the more mundane activities in life.
Air is a Yang or Masculine element. It denotes communication, talking, writing, thinking, intellect, a quick flow of ideas.

Whoops! My computer just noticed that you're a bit weak in the element of Air. The traditional view is that you lack objectivity - the ability to stand back and view aspects of life from a detached and rational perspective. You have difficulty making decisions and in the process of weighing up the pros and cons in a logical manner.

This description may fit you quite well....Often that is the case....

But just as often it's not. Lack of air in the birth chart may mean that you end up focusing your attention on what's missing. You may in fact end up overcompensating for what you lack. Quite often your life myth may be focused and consumed around freeing yourself from the 'curse of the missing (or weak) element.' You may in fact appear to others as an extremely airy and detached (both in your personality traits and in your actions) individual. But no matter how over-developed you may become in accessing the energies of air - it may never 'feel' under your conscious control. It seems to come and go with a will of its own. You're never allowed to become comfortable with its presence. You're never allowed to take its presence in your life for granted. You have to work at it. While not a hard and fast rule, this 2nd description of overcompensation fits most often if you lack the Element of Air in your chart and your Ascendant is likewise located in the Element of Air. Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Pisces.

Here's an extra that's not meant to be a hard and fast rule - if you marry relatively young in life, often times it will be to someone strong in the element you lack. They may be likely to have their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the element you lack. Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Water is a Yin or Feminine element. Strength in the element of Water denotes emotional and environmental sensitivity, nurturance, security, caring, and comfort. You prefer to speak from your heart and personal values, and you can be (Lord willing and the creek don't rise) a compassionate and caring person with a strong intuitional nature. Most decisions made are based on your personal set of values and personal relationships. i.e. How would making this choice effect myself and other people? Since you value personal relationships, the upshot is that you often end up taking on a caretaker role. You are so in tune to the emotional states of others around you that you are often caught in playing the role of mother to your loved ones. Your weakness lies in the fact that you have difficulty in taking a detached, objective perspective when necessary. You often react without thinking things through first. There is generally a great love for solitude, quietness, and peace.

Scores: Cardinal 3; Fixed 10; Mutable 10
You prefer to follow in other people's footsteps rather than initiate actions. You can be relied on to come up with the goods as long as someone else has the initial ideas. Your survival mechanisms may be weak.

Scores: 1st 1; 2nd 1; 3rd 0; 4th 5; 5th 2; 6th 0; 7th 0; 8th 0; 9th 3; 10th 4; 11th 1; 12th 0
The Fourth House is about home and family. It describes your roots, your heritage and your private life.
The Ninth House is about higher learning. It covers academic subjects, law, religion, publishing, foreign culture, sport, overseas travel and philosophy.
The Tenth House is about your public life and public standing. The Tenth House is how you prefer for society to see you. It shows your standing in the community, career, social status and can reflect your attitude to parenting. The Tenth House is also sometimes known for describing your physical appearance.

Scores: 1st Quadrant 2; 2nd Quadrant 7; 3rd Quadrant 3; 4th Quadrant 5
The planets in this quadrant will highlight the areas of life in which you want to express yourself. I call this Quadrant the "Lover Quadrant;" and the archetype of the Lover features strongly in your life and in your actions. You are receptive to other people and sensitive to the undercurrents involved in relationships.

Scores: Eastern 7; Northern 9; Western 10; Southern 8
The hemispheres are balanced in this chart.

Moon 135 to 180 degrees ahead of the Sun.
Hang on now! You don't want to skip over this short, but significant, description of the Soli-Lunar cycle based on the insights of astrologer, Dane Rudhyar. As a Gibbous Moon Soli-Lunar type, you tend to be a resourceful and goal-oriented person. You seek deeper purpose and meaning in your life and in the life of your community. You can often be found seeking knowledge to add value to your life, and you may devote yourself to a cause.


With watery (feeling) Scorpio as your Ascendant guide on your journey - life is viewed as a battle in which triumph and defeat often feature. Intensity is a key mode of your self-expression. The ruler of your Ascendant is the planet Pluto. Along with the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant Sign - the ruling planet of your Ascendant will play an "enhanced role" in your life. So check this report out for any interpretation texts regarding Pluto's sign placement, house placement, and other planets which aspect Pluto. You'll read more about your Ascendant toward the end of this report.

You have a sense of optimistic abundance when it comes to money matters. You may also be a spendthrift (this means: a wee bit too loose on the old purse strings). You value your ability to see and value the "big picture."

You are a pragmatic, practical communicator. You generally have the wisdom to know when to speak, and when to hold your tongue. You may believe yourself to be a superior communicator.

Your home-life is busy and unpredictable. There may have been upheavals in your home life during your childhood.

You are creative and artistically talented. Most typically, you may find great joy in the pursuits of music, dance, art, and theatre - but the main point is that it will be any recreational pastimes that you see as being "uplifting" and that will help you to escape the surly bounds of earth.

Your daily life is far from steady. You most likely enjoy getting up and starting out the day early in the morning. You prefer to be free to set your own varied routine, rather than being tied down to a stable routine.

You prefer your partners to be stable and practical. You feel secure with someone who values loyalty and commitment.

You are sexually curious. You may be difficult to pin down when involved in joint enterprises.

You like the idea of a sentimental journey, but have some fears about the realities of traveling away from home and loved ones. Traveling with photos from home in your suitcase may help. You prefer to undertake your studies from home if possible.

Fixed Fire - Your sense of identity has strong links with your public status. You like to shine and be admired in your professional field. You have power, strength and leadership skills in your profession. (A little more about this at the end of the report.)

You are fussy about the company you keep. You are a practical and caring friend, often looking after the daily details of friends’ lives. You are an asset to any group or club. You may be critical of friends who fail to live up to your expectations.

You may be overly sensitive to the needs of others, leading to a fear of conflict.



Regardless of whether you're a male or female, the very first love of your life was your mother (or if mom was absent, then another mother figure in your environment). The Moon symbolizes the unconscious, instincts, and what you need to feel nurtured in your life.

With the Moon in Leo, you are emotionally generous and very warmhearted. You have a strong emotional need for praise and attention. Under stress you may show off in order to gain attention, or become a wee bit arrogant. As a very young child, you may been very proud of your mother, or you feel she was specially proud of you. You probably saw Mom as being a powerful, warm-hearted, special, and creative woman. The Moon is the "place" where we go for comfort when scared.... and we tend to unconsciously nurture ourselves in much the same way our mothers nurtured and cared for us when we were very young children. Therefore, when under stress, you have an instinctual need to feel special, unique, and recognized. Feeling proud of yourself is how you feel the safest, the most loved, and the most nurtured. You may also have a maddening tendency toward "one-upmanship" (i.e. "anything you can do, I can do better").

For day to day relief of stress? Here are a couple of suggestions you might consider as hobbies: Joining a local amateur thespian group and performing a little Shakespeare in the evenings. Or how about joining Toastmasters and practicing up on your public speaking skills. But whatever you choose to do during your free time? Be sure to feed your generous, warmhearted Leo Moon by: playing hard, having lots of fun, and (if you're a parent) spending time with and doing plenty of fun stuff with your children. Dream vacation? The same rule of thumb applies. The only requirement is it's got to be a lot of fun, with plenty of time set aside for play. If you're a parent, then taking your kids on a magical journey to Disneyland or other amusement park might be "just the ticket." Your kids will love it and so will your playful inner-child.

You have a need to understand the "big picture" in most situations. You find emotional comfort through adventure; and by exploring the world through higher learning, travel, religion, philosophy and foreign cultures.

QUINCUNX THE SUN Orb 1°08' Separating
You are being challenged to integrate your ego and emotions. You will need to adjust the way you view your feelings, or the way you express yourself in order to feel at ease. You may have perceived of your parents as being sometimes divided and sometimes harmonious. The impression left with you as child was that of inconsistency.... Your challenge is to trust your own feelings and to be assertive. Find your own way in life, following neither Mother nor Father.

This is not a hard and fast rule - but often with this aspect one of your parents may have been missing and the other parent had to play both roles in your life.

SQUARE CHIRON Orb 0°01' Separating
Whoops! It looks like you may have a fair amount difficulty in "coming to terms" with emotional wounds from the past. As a result of this difficulty, you may have to overcome the strong tendency to see yourself in terms of being a "suffering and wounded person." You feel that you are misunderstood, and this may particularly apply to your own relationship with your mother and/or other maternal figures in your life. Once you have learned how to rise above your pain and emotional wounds, then you can go on to develop the ability to understand, empathize with, and help others. You have the ability (to later in life) become a gifted emotional healer. Due to your own emotional experiences, you are able to face the painful side of life and share your experiences in a loving manner. With struggle you may learn to feel a deep sense of compassion for the plight's of others.


Psst! Hey, you! Come over here! (Yeah, that means you!) Pay close attention for a minute, because the Sun is the very heart of your natal chart. Of course, the Sun’s zodiac sign placement is probably the one part of your birth chart which you were already at least quasi-aware of (unless you happen to be one of those folks born at the very beginning or end of a sign). Think for a second about some of the concepts generally associated with the energies of the Sun: Glowing, warmth, powerful, dependable, shining, cheery, life-giving, new growth, fiery, new beginnings, sunshine, bright skies, center of our galaxy,

In mythology, the Sun is further associated with the great sky god, the Great Father (as well as our own earthly father), gold and other treasures. In the birth chart, the Sun symbolizes the role of the Hero and the Royal Ruler.... and the Sun is the main character in your adventure and quest through this lifetime. The Sun reflects those heartfelt energies which need to be explored, developed and experienced in order for you to be more fully, wholly "you." But not everyone lets their Sun shine out. The Sun's energies are consciously developed over the course of a lifetime.

Typical descriptions of the Sun in Pisces are that you are an imaginative, sensitive and serene individual. You need to express your fantasies, imagination and creativity. You may be a dreamer or be ungrounded.

And according to traditional astrology readings, here are a few of the basic characteristics you should seek to consciously develop in your life: Your sense of compassion, your sensitivity, the ability for self-sacrifice, and your sense of intuition.

But now that I've said all this.... the real truth is that there is NO typical description of a Sun in Pisces. Sometimes I wish like heck I could pin you down, but it's impossible. You're like the sea god Proteus, who was notorious for being a shape shifter. And whenever someone attempts to catch you in their net, you simply change shapes and swim away.

Since you're one of my personal favorite Sun Signs, I'll share with you a little story that relates to the energies of Pisces.

A young, handsome man is out fishing one day and catches something rather unusual in his net. The youth catches a beautiful mermaid, also known as a melusine. The youth and mermaid immediately fall in love with one another. There's one major hitch, though. The two lovers are from very different worlds and it's obvious the young man can't join the world of the mermaid. So, she makes the ultimate sacrifice -- so that the two of them can be together. The mermaid offers to join the world of the young man by taking on the form of a mortal woman.

But in exchange for this sacrifice, the mermaid requires one small promise from the young man. He must promise never to ask her to reveal her true name. (The promise he must make actually varies from version to version, but the idea is not to pry into a secret held only by the mermaid.) The young man readily agrees to this condition and makes the promise to her.

So the years pass by with the lovers living in their very own version of blissful, joyous paradise....

But as time goes by, the young man becomes ever so much more curious about the mermaid - wanting to know where she came from, who she is and what her true name is. The young man thinks to himself that surely enough time has passed and the beautiful mermaid won't mind telling him who she is and what her true name is. So one day, the young man gathers up his nerve and asks the beautiful mermaid what her true name is? The mermaid shrieks in horror that the young man has broken his promise and she instantly disappears....

You see Pisces... Even if I managed to catch a glimpse of your essence, you'd simply disappear.

Your birth Sun is the hero of your mythic journey through this lifetime. Let Your Light Shine!

Pisces and Love (written to share with your mate, if you dare)
I like to call Pisces the Zodiacal Sign of "Smoke and Mirrors." Of all the Pisces ladies I've dated in the past (and there have been more than a few), I can only think of a few special select characteristics that each one of them had in common with the others.
1. Each of them had extraordinarily beautiful huge, round, eyes that - the best way I can think of to describe it - were like luxurious, radiant, shimmering, mystical pools of water (that it was very easy to get lost in).
2. None of them seemed all that much connected to and/or concerned with regular time and space reality. Each one of them, in their own unique and different way, seemed to be a "stranger in a foreign land." They were always being surprised and/or shocked when regular time and space reality insisted on rearing its ugly head.
3. And finally, all of them were "shape shifters." No really, they were emotionally and physically "shape shifters." Each and every time I would see one of them, she looked different than she did the time before. Usually, the change in appearance was quite subtle - but other times I truly wasn't sure it was the same person I was looking at the day before. Not recognizing someone that you're dating is generally less than helpful. Let's say you happen to be walking down the street, and you pass by your Pisces without saying hello. For some odd reason... relying on the concept of "shape shifting," to explain to someone why you blatantly ignored them, doesn't quite cut it.

However, this Number 3 characteristic of "shape shifting" happens to be Pisces best defense for their Number 2 characteristic of not being very well connected to our regular time and space world. Society doesn't normally give positive strokes to those folks who exemplify and exhibit the gentle, caring, and sensitive energy of Pisces. We live in a macho, dog eat dog world. This lack of reinforcement holds especially true for male Pisces. With many slightly older, more experienced male Pisces (and some female Pisces), most of the world will never get a glimpse of the serene, sensitive, go with the flow, oceanic creature that lies just beneath the surface of whatever other Zodiacal sign the Pisces is hiding behind.

Just like I said, Pisces is the Zodiacal sign of "Smoke and Mirrors."

Your home and family are paramount. How you fit into the family and your role in the family are of major importance to you. You learn most about yourself in the family environment.

OPPOSITION MARS Orb 4°12' Separating
Here's one of your soul growth challenges from the universe. You find that your sense of identity is constantly being challenged. As a young child your father figure opposed you and you most likely fought back. Now as an adult you have the task of learning the difference between assertion and aggression. Reclaiming and integrating your inner Warrior energies is the surest way to stop encountering Mars in the people you meet as an adult.

OPPOSITION JUPITER Orb 3°58' Separating
You are restless and find it difficult to settle in one place. Your larger-than-life ideals stand in the way of you achieving your goals. As a child you may have perceived of your father as being larger-than-life. Your challenge is to find a balance between stability and adventure. Then you will be able to reach all your goals.

In traditional astrology having this aspect was thought to either bestow or deny fortune and fame. I suppose that could be so.... in that case, could you lend me a couple of twenties until next Friday? Actually I don't see all that many millionaires with this aspect. Bill Gates doesn't have Sun/Jupiter aspect (well he does have a very wide sextile). What I do see quite often is increasing mental powers

SEXTILE CHIRON Orb 1°07' Applying
You will be able to help others with your ability to understand their pain.


To the medieval alchemists, Mercury was the metal symbolizing duality - metallic yet liquid , matter yet spirit, cold yet fiery.... the metal uniting all the opposites.... the substance Mercury only adheres to precious metals; metaphorically Mercury can show us the way to find spiritual gold.... Trickster, Traveler, Guide of Souls.... Known to the Greeks as Hermes, the messenger god.... protector of athletes, thieves, travelers and merchants.... He is the god of the unexpected, of luck, of coincidence, of synchronicity. Whenever things seem fixed, rigid, 'stuck,' Mercury introduces fluidity, motion, new beginnings - and the confusion which inevitably precedes new beginnings.

With Mercury in Pisces, you are highly intuitive with an excellent, creative imagination. You may find that you often have the uncanny (downright spooky) ability to 'tune' into other people's thoughts. Problem is that you may at times have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy.

Home for you is a place where ideas and information are exchanged. You are adaptable with your living arrangements. This may stem from living in different homes during childhood. You learn much in your family environment.

OPPOSITION SATURN Orb 3°41' Separating
You have difficulty expressing yourself. As a child you believe your father was critical and judged you lacking in intelligence. You may have experienced difficulties in early schooling experiences. As an adult you have trouble believing in your ability to communicate and stand up for your own beliefs.

TRINE URANUS Orb 4°27' Separating
You have many original ideas which you are able to communicate with ease. You are insightful and may be ahead of your time in your ideas and opinions. At times you try to do things too quickly. That's when "foul-ups" begin to occur. At that point, your thoughts may seem to get a wee bit scattered, and in turn you may notice yourself becoming more and more nervous and frenzied. Learn how to slow down just a wee bit.

One interesting bit of trivia is that Albert Einstein had Mercury in aspect to Uranus in his birth chart and it is thought to be a significant part of his chart that reflected his extreme sense of genius. The thing is that Einstein had pockets of genius, and pockets where he could be a total dunderhead. What have you got hiding in your pockets?

SQUARE NEPTUNE Orb 1°22' Separating
You have difficulty using your powers of discrimination. Your own thoughts and opinions are vague and confused and difficult to pin down.

QUINCUNX PLUTO Orb 0°19' Separating
You have a tendency for becoming way too involved in the dramas of other people's lives. As a result, you may experience difficulty focusing on and following through on your own plans. It would help a great deal if you could take a deep breath, step back from all the dramas surrounding you, and then direct your creative energies into your own projects.


With Venus in Aries, you will pursue a partner ardently and hastily, and yet strive for freedom and independence, once you are in an intimate relationship. You like to be the main initiator in your personal relationships, and you can be aggressive. As an aside note, You may tend to spend your money a wee bit impulsively.

You are able to express yourself with creativity and fun, and enjoy the company of children. You may find that you have an urge to express yourself through artistic avenues.

TRINE NEPTUNE Orb 1°06' Applying
You are a sensitive and gentle partner. You are artistic and creative and enjoy sharing your talents with your loved ones. You have compassion and understanding for other people.

OPPOSITION PLUTO Orb 0°03' Applying
Uh oh! Chances are that you're not exactly going to be thrilled with much of what I have to say here. Chances are also good that you won't be able to immediately identify with much of what I have to say here. Venus touching Pluto is a very powerful and seductive energy. It is the image and power of the mythological Medusa. The Medusa was the most beautiful of the three Gorgon sisters. The Gorgons were three ladies who had writhing, venomous snakes growing out of their heads and who turned men into stone just by looking at them! In spite of their monstrous condition, the sisters were terrifyingly beautiful and seductive to behold. No man encountering the infamous Gorgons (knowing it was instant death) could avert his gaze from the terrifyingly beautiful Gorgon sisters...

With this image in your chart, you can be unreasonable, demanding, and controlling in your expectations of the people around you. You want what you want when you want it - and they better give it to you or you'll quite likely turn them into stone. Dramatic crisis and intensity may also tend to play a key role in your most personal relationships. At worst you may become obsessed with the concepts of love and desire and expect your loved ones to share in your intensity. As a result, your intimate relationships could potentially become marked with struggles for power, dominance, and control. You are disappointed when others fail to soar to great emotional heights and plummet the emotional depths by your side. On a more positive note you are fiercely loyal and committed with an ability to fight any injustice.

However, the really good news is that as you grow older and (hopefully) wiser, you will have opportunities in learning how to positively redirect and transform these powerful and seductive energies into some sort of demanding, but positive and creative pursuits. You see… when the Medusa's head was ultimately severed from her body at the neck, the beautiful powerful winged horse Pegasus sprang out of the wound.
Another image that might be helpful is that of the Kundalini coiling snake energy of some Eastern traditions. Kundalini can be described as a great reservoir of creative energy originating at the base of the spine. The image of a coiling snake communicates and puts forth the notion of vast untapped energy. With the "awakening" of this energy, according to a least one yogi: "Kundalini cures you, she improves you, and she bestows all the blissful things upon you. She takes you away from the worries of the grosser level." If you think about for just a second… it's a pretty awesome image and privilege. I have a similar image and theme in my life, and so I must admit that coming to grips with this powerful energy is much easier said than done. However, it's in your (and my) best interest to learn how to use it wisely.


You will pursue your personal desires in a practical and methodical manner. You may be critical if opposed.

You are ambitious, seeking power through your career. This may involve a battle for top position. You need autonomy and independence in your profession.

CONJUNCTION JUPITER Orb 0°15' Separating
You feel generous, self confident and lucky. Your energy level is high and you are courageous.

With Mars in aspect to Jupiter, there is an enthusiasm to assert yourself and grow. Your contagious enthusiasm is often able to bring forth the best in others.

Careful.... and don't take it over the top! If you get a little too full of yourself, you may think you're endowed by a higher power and have all the answers. You likely have several of the answers - but trust me... you don't have all the answers...

TRINE CHIRON Orb 5°19' Separating
You have a gift for being able to speak up on behalf of other, less powerful, people. You are not afraid to confront and resolve sensitive issues. This is because you have a strong sense of personal and spiritual will. You may use your energy to help heal or teach humanity.

Your sense of destiny tells you that you are being challenged to become assertive and focused on your personal goals. Independence and self-confidence are keys to your growth in this life. You may find yourself thrust into leadership roles.

Hold the presses! Stop everything! This is definitely something to pay extra attention to! The longer I'm an astrologer, the more convinced I become that this sort of planetary placement may likely be one of the single most significant signposts in your chart. So... what can I say? It's time to pay a wee bit of extra attention.

This is a strong placement in the archetypal power zone of the King and this placement will seek to 'color' your entire chart and persona with attributes of Mars' energies.

Let's chat for a moment about the archetype of the King. There are striking parallels in the legends and myths of "The Return of the King" in widely diverging cultures throughout the world. Many of these stories tell of troubling, ferocious monsters that reign over a chaotic world in the absence of the King. When the King returns to his kingdom, he vanquishes the monsters and then reestablishes a reign of justice and peace throughout the kingdom.

Thing is... The King we seek without is actually within. The energies and embodiment of The King is potentially a living part of each person's psyche. Some folks seem to have easier conscious access to the inner source of The King than others. Having a planet conjunct the Midheaven reflects you having this sort of potential.

Now before you end up with a swollen head that you can't get through the door; it's important to make note that there are three different types of kings. There are beneficial kings, tyrannical kings, and weakling kings. Which king are you currently accessing? The King in his fullness is a beneficial king. Tyrannical and weakling kings on the whole tend to be unhappy campers, and they tend to make everyone around them unhappy campers. The tyrannical king is a bully. The weakling king projects his/her royal energy on to others.

You have much energy for your chosen profession and career. You are ambitious and possibly competitive in your field. Sports may feature.


You have a strong desire to be of service, and high religious or spiritual ideals. You may also have an obsession with detailed perfection.

Your profession and public life are your vehicles to find or express the meaning of life. You may have an ever-expanding need for public recognition.

TRINE CHIRON Orb 5°05' Separating
You have the gift of wisdom. You trust your own intuitive nature, and are able to teach others on the spiritual path. You are able to encompass other people's personal philosophies without feeling threatened, so that others trust you with their spiritual problems.

Your call to destiny may involve embracing adventures. You may find yourself in situations which inspire you to see the big picture. Inspiring others, possibly through preaching or teaching, may be part of your life's destiny. Benevolent groups may also play a key role.

Hold the presses! Stop everything! This is definitely something to pay extra attention to! The longer I'm an astrologer, the more convinced I become that this sort of planetary placement may likely be one of the single most significant signposts in your chart. So... what can I say? It's time to pay a wee bit of extra attention.

This is a strong placement in the archetypal power zone of the King and this placement will seek to 'color' your entire chart and persona with attributes of Jupiter's energies.

Let's chat for a moment about the archetype of the King. There are striking parallels in the legends and myths of "The Return of the King" in widely diverging cultures throughout the world. Many of these stories tell of troubling, ferocious monsters who reign over a chaotic world in the absence of the King. When the King returns to his kingdom, he vanquishes the monsters and then reestablishes a reign of justice and peace throughout the kingdom.

Thing is... The King we seek without is actually within. The energies and embodiment of The King is potentially a living part of each person's psyche. Some folks seem to have easier conscious access to the inner source of The King than others. Having a planet conjunct the Midheaven reflects you having this sort of potential.

Now before you end up with a swollen head that you can't get through the door; it's important to make note that there are three different types of kings. There are beneficial kings, tyrannical kings, and weakling kings. Which king are you currently accessing? The King in his fullness is a beneficial king. Tyrannical and weakling kings on the whole tend to be unhappy campers, and they tend to make everyone around them unhappy campers. The tyrannical king is a bully. The weakling king projects his/her royal energy on to others.

Thankfully, Jupiter is tends to be a beneficial king, himself. With this kingly combination, you will most likely want adventure within your public domain, the freedom to explore unknown realms, whether this is in physical realms or in realms of the mind. Just don't get too full of yourself, okay?


You are hardworking, practical, and good at problem-solving. You are concerned with rules and regulations. You may follow a disciplined fitness routine, and could work in the field of health.

You have a fear of public failure, and approach your career with caution. After early setbacks you will become hard-working and respectable in your chosen profession.

SEXTILE URANUS Orb 0°46' Separating
You have the opportunity to bring new ideas into old structures. You also add structure to new organizations and have a talent for administration.

SQUARE NEPTUNE Orb 2°18' Applying
You lack confidence in your artistic ability or in your relationships. Learn to believe in yourself and avoid being drawn into the psychic realms as you still have to learn how to deal with the practical side of life.


Uranus spends a long time in each sign and was in the sign of Scorpio from 1975 to 1981. Since it spends such a long time in each sign, the sign interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position and aspects to Uranus. This is a generation which will experience highly-charged emotions and transformation in their lives. These people will hold many innovative ideas about change. They may experience a world-wide upheaval during their lifetime.

You have an eccentric personality with an urge to express yourself in an erratic and dynamic fashion. You may defy conventions, or be an unusual leader. You will certainly be original.

Hold the presses! Stop everything! This is definitely something to pay extra attention to! The longer I'm an astrologer, the more convinced I become that this sort of planetary placement may likely be one of the single most significant signposts in your chart. So... what can I say? It's time to pay a wee bit of extra attention.

This is a strong placement (in the power zone of the Warrior archetype) and will seek to 'color' your entire chart and persona with attributes of Uranus' energies. You most likely enjoy being free to express your individuality, and may rebel if anyone attempts to stifle your independence. You like to meet life in your own unique manner, and have plenty of original and exciting ideas to share with humanity.


Neptune spends a long time in each sign and was in the sign of Sagittarius from 1970 to 1984. Neptune takes about 164 years to make its way around all twelve signs of the zodiac. Since it spends such a long time in each sign, the sign interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position and aspects to Neptune. Neptune ushers in trends and fashions. This generation possesses the gift of spiritual vision. They may be able to help humanity focus on spiritual goals and hopefully become more expansive and inclusive of differing races and beliefs.

Each of us has an area in our lives where we're simultaneously inspired and lost. It's a place where we see but don't see. That's Neptune's house. In Neptune's house we may find that we are prone to loss and disappointment. On the other hand Neptune's house can be a place of imagination, wonder, and beauty... lit from within by our soul's longings and desires. With Neptune in the 2nd house, you may have a tendency to be unrealistic in your assessment of your own self worth. There may also be a lack of clarity surrounding money and possessions. One suggestion is to begin linking monetary values with spiritual values.

SEXTILE PLUTO Orb 1°03' Separating
You belong to a generation which may be able to bring about real, powerful, social changes. Yes! You, too, can be a part of this growing movement for positive changes in government and human rights. Problem is, this generation could just as easily get lazy and let the opportunity to make these momentous changes pass them by. The paranormal and the occult (occult just means "hidden") are more easily given credence than has been the case in recent generations.


Pluto spends a really long time in each sign and was in the sign of Libra from 1972 to 1984. Slow poke Pluto takes about 248 years to make its way around all twelve signs of the zodiac. Since it spends such a long time in each sign, the sign interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation look at the house position and aspects to Pluto. Pluto ushers in upheaval and transformation. This generation will most likely be concerned with the cause of justice and transforming human relations. (Will so-called "traditional" families and marriages become a thing of the past?) They may possess the ability to see the necessity for change in personal and global relations.

You may feel drawn to powerful political groups, and experience powerful conflict with friends. You also have the ability to form deep and profound friendships.

Pluto has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


In Greek mythology Chiron was a centaur. Centaurs were creatures that had a horse's body and legs, yet they had a human's torso and arms. As a rule, these half-horse, half-human Centaurs had the reputation for being wild and unbridled critters, being primarily known for their insatiable sexual appetites. They belonged to the wild "Dionysian crowd." You know - the sort of unsavory folks your parents warned you about hanging out with (so they fascinated you all the more). And, for the most part, centaurs weren't exactly on very friendly terms with mortals.

The centaur, Chiron, was the exception to this centaurian rule. Chiron was known as a wise teacher, healer and prophet. The Greek mythology encircling the figure of Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is of great assistance in acquiring a deeper understanding of the energies reflected by the Chiron in our sky. In the birth chart, Chiron reflects the archetypal energies of the shamanic wounded healer and teacher who potentially lives within each one of us. Chiron's placement in the birth chart reflects an accidental wounding we received (most often, but not always, in early childhood). This Chironian wounding is an injury to our instinctual nature and a wounding of trust.

The wounding was generally brought about as the result of a stupid, careless, thoughtless accident... so normally there's no one who can be blamed with purposely, intentionally, maliciously wounding us. The wounding was generally done by someone close to us... someone we thought well of and trusted.
So the wounding is a wounding of trust... And, further... a Chironian wound is an injury that will never, ever totally heal. We learn, suffer, and ultimately grow in soul from dealing with this sensitive area of wounded instinct and trust... but the wounding will never totally heal and go away.

This Chironian wounding can, later in life and after much personal struggle, then become a special area where we can help others by the sharing of our healing and teaching abilities.

You will experience a crisis of values. You may experience a lack of self-worth and over-compensate by accruing money and possessions. You may also distrust your body, or feel that your body is not beautiful. You will learn to rely on your own and your body's experiences, and could become a healer.

You suffer from feelings of physical inadequacy. You may also have experienced physical pain as a child. Your search for self-healing may lead to you healing others on a daily basis. You could also teach healing techniques.

Chiron has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


" Mission Impossible"

The North Node describes a special quest and/or assignment in an area of personality growth development that we are given by the Universe. I might as well tell you up front that our North Node Quests are NOT easy. In fact, for the most part, your North Node Quest is NOT going to be something that you find fun, enjoyable, and/or palatable. Normally, the North Node Quest is NOT something that you especially want to do and/or that you're particularly "good at." The North Node Quest is most generally going to be an area of life and/or a behavior style that you're (spoken gently) rather lousy at. But hey... it builds character! All in all, I guess you might say that the North Node Quest is your very own "Mission Impossible."

This is a quest to develop your inner strength. You may find that you experience times of loneliness. These times are part of your lesson to forge your own creative life in order to give generously to the world. Okay now, I don't want to hear any grumbling in the chorus. Easing up on you for a just a second... the truth is... most folks are never fully able to accomplish their North Node Quest. Would it help if I confessed that I'm not currently doing all that well on my North Node Quest? My only suggestion is: just try not to blow it TOO badly... (This page will self-destruct in 10 seconds.)

This is a quest for dignity in the eyes of the world. You need to repay your past life karma with understanding and compassion after which maturity will follow.

The North Node has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


The Ascendant is your guide on the hero's journey through this lifetime. With Scorpio on the Ascendant, life is viewed as a battle in which the extremes of complete triumph and total defeat often feature strongly. Intensity is a key mode of your self-expression. As you grow older, you will become resourceful and insightful based on your own dramatic experiences.

With your Ascendant in Scorpio, the Ruling Planet of your chart is the planet Pluto. So pay a little extra attention to the description of Pluto in your chart (Sign, House, and Aspects). By the way....I wish I had a nickel for every time someone told me 'that can't be my Ascendant, I'm not like that!' Often the Ascendant's energies are so close to us that we're the last ones to recognize it. Give it some time to grow on you....

Here's a list with some of the energies traditionally associated with Scorpio:
On the positive side: Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, and power to confront. On the negative side: Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, and overly dramatic.

I have a story to share with you about your Ascendant in Scorpio. This story is about the Medusa and the winged horse named Pegasus... But in order to get to Pegasus, you've first got to make it past the deadly Medusa. C'mon! You remember the Medusa, don't you?...

One of the Gorgon Sisters
In Greek mythology, the Gorgon sisters were the three ladies who turned men into stone just by looking at them. Once upon a time, the Gorgons were beautiful, desirable women. The most beautiful of the sisters, Medusa, happened to catch the attention of the god Poseidon (the god of the oceans and waterways). Smitten with desire for Medusa, Poseidon set out about seducing her... And to make a long story short, they got together for one grand and glorious night of wild, passionate lovemaking in the temple of Athena.
Unfortunately, the temple of Athena was an extremely bad choice of places to get together and do the wild thing... Athena (being a chaste, virgin goddess) was terribly offended by this sort of rude and crude behavior going on in her sacred temple... And so, Athena's punishment was to curse Medusa and her two sisters with sheer, unadulterated ugliness and with writhing, venomous snakes growing out of their heads! In spite of their monstrous condition, the sisters were terrifyingly beautiful and seductive to behold. No man encountering the infamous Gorgons (knowing it was instant death) could avert his gaze from the terrifyingly beautiful Gorgon sisters...

We learn the most about the Gorgons in the adventures of the Greek hero, Perseus. (You may remember this story from that movie "The Clash of the Titans" starring Sun Sign Scorpio, Harry Hamlin.) For various reasons, Perseus has foolishly (yet heroically) sworn to a king that he (Perseus) will bring back the head of the dreaded Medusa on a platter. (Of the three Gorgon sisters, only the Medusa was mortal and could be killed...)

Perseus, aided by gifts of Athena and Hermes (a golden shield and a swift sword) locates the cave of the Gorgons. Luckily for Perseus, the Gorgons were sleeping soundly. But Perseus can't avert his eyes from the seductive beauty of the Medusa (still fast asleep). Only after much effort is Perseus able to look away from the Medusa... The Medusa then wakes up; and a battle ensues between Perseus and the Medusa. Using the golden shield of Athena, Perseus is able to see the Medusa's reflection. And with Hermes' swift sword, Perseus cuts off the Medusa's head. (Settle down... I'm about to get to the Pegasus part!)
Medusa and Scorpio

Face it... it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to see a connection between the Medusa and Scorpionic energies... Wherever you find Scorpionic/Plutonian energies in the birth chart, you'll likely find the Medusa lurking in the shadows nearby... Intensity and betrayal are often a couple of the Medusa's favorite themes.
Tell the truth, Scorpio... turned anyone into stone with your dark, powerful Scorpionic gaze lately? That "stone cold glare" which informs the recipients that they might as well not exist on this (or any other) planet... Okay, okay. I know they probably did something deserving of "the dreaded look." But all those writhing, venomous snakes growing out of your head? Do something about that. Okay? Check in with a hair stylist!

Everyone has a Medusa to deal with! She's the inner-Medusa that each of us eventually has to face, battle, and ultimately reconcile with... But Scorpio is on a first name basis with the lady. However, the good news is you've become rather adept in recognizing the Medusa when she's rearing her ugly head through the people around you. So a personal "first name basis" with the lady comes in handy by keeping you alert to all the many Medusas who inevitably cross your path.

But what about Pegasus? So where does Pegasus fit into all this? After Medusa's night of passion in the temple of Athena, she was "with child" by Poseidon. At the time of her death, the Medusa carried within her womb the hero Chrysaor and the winged steed Pegasus. So when the Medusa's head was severed at the neck, Chrysaor and Pegasus sprang out. Perseus, then, escaped the remaining Gorgon sisters by riding away on the back of Pegasus.

Think about it... The energies giving life to the Medusa were, in the end result, the very same energies which gave birth to the winged horse, Pegasus. Through the cutting off of her head, the Medusa was released from her curse and torment. Thus, learning lessons of mental detachment are often rather crucial in the continued growth and lives journeys of those strong in Scorpionic/Plutonic energies. (So "losing your head" can, in fact, be a good thing.)

In many ways, the Medusa symbolizes the curse of Scorpio and Pluto- however Pegasus is the final redemption and rebirth of Scorpio and Pluto set free!

It's interesting and fun to note (while probably not comforting) that the infamous Mati Hari (aka Margaretha Geertruida Zelle) had Scorpio Rising. Margaretha, born in the Netherlands, when she moved to Paris, France she posed as a princess from Java and became an exotic dancer. Mati Hari was her stage name meaning "eye of the dawn." It is thought that she may have had affairs with many French military officers and politicians. During World War I, she allegedly became a double agent between German contacts and the French embassy. Arrested and tried in France in 1917, she accused of causing the deaths of thousands of soldiers. She was convicted and sent to the firing squad. According to Wikipedia: "Rumor has it that during the execution, the squad members had to be blindfolded so as not to succumb to her charms. Another rumor claims she blew a kiss to her killers before the firing began."

The ascendant forms the 1st house cusp in most house systems, so this placement has no particular meaning.

The Ascendant has no text available for aspects to subsequent chart points.


Your sense of self-importance is strongly linked with your public status. You like to shine in your professional field. You have power, strength and leadership skills in your profession.

Ruled by the Sun, creative Leoian energy is colored by an overall strong sense of drama and "bigness." Leo sees the "big picture" of possibilities for the future and for success. Playful, creative, warm-hearted, risk-taking are all characteristics common to Leonians.

Rather than doing the normal thing, looking to Greek mythology, I thought I'd suggest your reading a special story that Jewish Rabbi (and astrologer) Joel Dobbins calls the story of the first "star-crossed" lovers in the Judaic/Christian scriptures. I don't mind telling you that this was one of my very favorite bible stories while growing up. The story I want you to read is a story of big action, big violence, big lust, big betrayal, big game playing, big bets, big egos, big revenge, and (last, but not least) big hair. And no, believe it or not, it's not the story of my life.

According to Rabbi Dobbins, it's an "opposites attract" love story between a Leo man (ruled by the Sun) and an Aquarius woman (ruled by Saturn and Uranus). Believe it or not, you're likely already more than a wee bit familiar with this story contained in the Book of Judges. It's the story of Samson and Delilah. You know... Samson is the guy who couldn't cut his hair, killed a lion, was betrayed by his woman Delilah, ended up blind, and (in the end) managed to single handedly bring down a pagan temple.

So why, you might ask, does Rabbi Dobbins call Samson and Delilah "star-crossed" lovers? One of things that Rabbi Dobbins knows (that you likely don't know) is that the name Samson means, "belonging to the Sun." Even more interesting (and more "telling") is that Delilah's name means, "she of Aquarius." Aquarius is the Zodiac Sign opposite the Zodiac Sign of Leo ruled by the Sun. According to Rabbi Dobbins, the story of Samson is divided into two parts, the prologue and the main tale concerning Delilah. The period of time that passes between the prologue and the story of Delilah is 20 years. The prologue, which is the longer part of the story, establishes the character of Samson. The character revealed in the prologue is that which is, oh so, typical of a young studdly Leo male in his prime. The Delilah part of the story tells us of an older Leo past his prime. (old hippie types will likely remember Sun Sign Leo David Crosby's "Leo anthem" of the late 1960s "I Almost Cut My Hair.") If you can't remember the details of the full Samson and Delilah story, then maybe it's time to dig out that Bible you've got tucked away somewhere.

The Midheaven forms the 10th house cusp in most house systems, so this placement means less than diddley.

The Midheaven has no aspects to subsequent chart points.


Your greatest joy will be found through learning and communication. Living in the present immediate surroundings is your key to fulfillment.

Regeneration and transformation of your personal values brings you the greatest joy. You need to surrender your personal ego to incorporate the shared values of others.

Pt Fortune has no aspects to subsequent chart points.

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