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Okay... okay... please remain calm. First off, we're talking about getting a free online calculation of the birth chart - and not necessarily free interpretations of your birth chart...

And hey, gimme a break! Prior to the explosion of the Internet, you would have been shelling out anywhere from 5 to 10 bucks just for the calculation of your birth chart (or going without)!

It's vitally important you know that not all online chart calculation tools out there are created equal. Many are now going to be quite accurate and easy to use, but some are still not accurate and/or easy to use.

So here are two of the cream of the crop chart calculators that you can rely on for accuracy:

Astrolabe – maker and/or distributor of professional astrological calculation software – graciously provides visitors with the simplest, incredibly difficult to mess up, online birth chart calculator tool currently available. As part of the calculation, it does include a few simplistic chart interpretations.

Astrodienst has developed a simple, mistake-free option for calculating charts. Better yet, there are several different (and free) chart interpretation report options available at Astrodienst. The bottom line is that the Astrodienst simple chart online tool is so "user friendly," you have to work at it to make a mistake.

More Tips:

  • To minimize potential human error in chart calculation, get your birth chart calculated at both of these recommended sites. If no mistake has been made (by you), then the various sign and degrees positions of the planets and points should be very similar.
  • Know that to receive a full and accurate calculation of your birth chart, you will need to know the exact time of your birth (look for your birth certificate).
  • Finally, both Astrolabe and Astrodienst use the Placidus House system as their default House system. I recently find out some folks were being clever and attempting to double check by comparing the chart calculations of my paid chart reports with the calculations of these sites. By default I use the Koch House system, so just be aware that the exact house placements will likely vary depending upon which of a dozen house systems is used in the calculation.

What should you know about Choosing an Astrological House System? Probably nothing... unless you're obsessively consumed with the issue. Dr Z and the Dreaded House System Question

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