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Thick As A Brick

No one can ever seem to make heads or tails out of Stelliums...

Sure... it's generally agreed a stellium is comprised of three, four, or more planets in the same zodiacal sign. Then some go a step further saying the four planets must be a string of conjunctions in the same zodiacal sign with:

A conjunct B conjunct C conjunct D.

Then true radicals claim a stellium is comprised of a string of four conjunctions, but the four planets involved don't necessarily have to be in the same zodiacal sign.

Even if everyone agreed on what a stellium is – truth is that whenever I look at a stellium, my poor head starts spinning. The fog rolls in!

And I'm thick as a brick.

Sure, I'm in high cotton discussing planetary pictures containing multiple oppositions, squares, trines, sextiles and (even pesky) quincunxes.

But conjunctions... ugh... conjunctions! And while it's difficult enough getting a really good grip on how two planetary energies might fuse together to form a conjunction (two voices becoming one).

Add a third planet (three voices becoming one)… And I begin to fidget while feeling a little dis-ease, but I'm still in the ballpark… Add that fourth or fifth planet…and I'm ready for a full-blown astrologer panic attack!

For starting to get a handle on energy combinations, I can't highly enough recommend the Reinhold Ebertin book named Combinations of Stellar Influences (CSI). Buy it now at

Astrologers who are Cosmobiologists and Uranians use this book religiously for assistance in the interpretation of midpoints. But it can be used by anyone interested in gaining a clearer picture of any energy combinations (even conjunctions).

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