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 I Just Wanna Know About My Sun Sign!

If only I had a nickel for every e-mail that started out: “I enjoyed your Zodiac Sign descriptions, but I’ve always preferred the way Linda Goodman said, ‘yada, yada, yada.’ about my Zodiac Sun Sign.”

For millions of folks, Linda Goodman’s special and imaginative books on the 12 Zodiac Sun Signs have often been the only astrology books gracing their bookshelves.

Linda Goodman
Sun Signs - Sun Sign descriptions Check it out

Linda Goodman
Love Signs - Sun Sign compatibility Check it out

Planets and Possibilities - Susan Miller
Who's this “new kid in town?” I suppose she’s not really all that new to the multitudes of Internet visitors frequenting her popular web site, the Astrology Zone. Yep. The “new kid in town” is none other than astrologer Susan Miller of the Astrology Zone and her book is entitled .

Susan Miller's book - Planets and Possibilities - has something special in store for everyone interested in astrology, from the absolute novice to the wizened astrologer who (like me) might be getting a wee bit "long in the tooth." Since I'm a Gemini (Twins) rising... I'm pleased to give Planets and Possibilities a rousing, enthusiastic "two thumbs up."

Check out Planets and Possibilities

Liz Greene
Astrology for Lovers
- This is a fantastic book for gaining a deeper understanding of your Sun Sign (and finding out about your Ascendant). Yes, it has descriptions of each Sun Sign's "love style" - but this book is so much more. Even if you're not interested in romance, it's more than worth the purchase. Check it out

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