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I'm a Novice, but I'd like to learn more about Astrology

Stephen Arroyo

I was fortunate enough to come across some of the earlier Stephen Arroyo writings when I was still fairly new in my own process. I still regularly go back and reread all his older books while trying to wait patiently for his newer stuff that occasionally comes out. And the older I get... the more I appreciate his approach.

Stephen Arroyo
Chart Interpretation Handbook -
excellent cookbook for learning some of the basics of how to interpret your own birth chart. Check it out

Stephen Arroyo
Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements Check it out

Stephen Arroyo
Astrology, Karma & Transformation - an all time favorite of mine and many other astrologers. This tends to get a wee bit deep, so it's probably not the best book to buy first. It is a book that you'll sooner, rather than later, want to have in your personal library.   Astrology, Karma & Transformation

Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain - Great for getting down some of the Basics of Astrology along with a great dose of humor added in! Astrology for the Light Side

Liz Greene
Astrology for Lovers -
It wouldn't hurt you folks who wish to dig deeper into astrology to pick up a copy of this book. Sure, you probably already have a feel for the characteristics of your own Sun sign placement.... but what about the eleven other Sun sign placements? This is a fantastic book for gaining a deeper understanding of Sun Signs (and finding out about your Ascendant). Yes, it has descriptions of each Sun Sign's "love style" - but this book is so much more. Even if you're not interested in romance, it's more than worth the purchase. - Astrology for Lovers

Julia and Derek Parker
Parkers' Astrology : The Essential Guide to Using Astrology in Your Daily Life - Excellent beginner's book for learning how to interpret your own chart. It's a big book and can feel overwhelming. Check it out

Alice O. Howell
Jungian Synchronicity in the Astrological Signs and Ages (Check it out)

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