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I'm a Novice and Wanna Know More About Greek Mythology

Michael Macrone
By Jove! Brush Up Your Mythology! Macrone manages to keep the tone light and entertaining as he winds his way through the familiar and not-so-familiar stories of Greek Mythology. Easy to read and not really suggested for someone expecting to go further. Check it out

Joseph Campbell
The Power of Myth - Okay, it's not "Greek" Mythology; but it is mythology and it is powerful. Check it out

Carl Kerenyi - Hungarian scholar in classical philology, one of the founders of modern (20th century) studies in Greek mythology. Contemporary of CG Jung and collaborator with Jung on the book: Essays on a Science of Mythology. Kerenyi's philological interpretations of Greek mythology as archetypes (Urbild) of the human psyche complemented CG Jung's ideas. He wrote (and I've read) many wonderful books on Greek mythology and I've listed two of them below.

Carl Kerenyi
The Gods of the Greeks Check it out

Carl Kerenyi
The Heroes of the Greeks Check it out

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