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 I'm a Novice and Wanna Know More About Jung

Carl G Jung
Memories, Dreams and Reflections - This is Carl G Jung's fantastic autobiography. I generally don't recommend the writings of Carl Jung for anyone wanting to get introduced to his ideas and theories.

Sounds a wee bit bizarre, I know.... the thing is, though, that Jung's writings can be quite difficult and dense reading. However, in the case of this book, I won't even venture a guess on how many folks I know, who this was the very first book on or about Jung that they read.

After reading it... they were hooked. This is an incredibly powerful book about Jung's personal inner journey; and it's loaded with Jung's maturated personal insights written toward the end of his life. If you're a spiritual sojourner, (when reading this book) you might end up feeling totally understood for the first time in your life.  Check it out

Eugene Pascal
Jung to Live By - Wonderful Jungian "primer." Pascal miraculously brings Jung's ideas "down to earth" for the average person.  Check it out

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