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Men and Soul Growth -
Jungian, neo-Jungian and quasi-Jungian - all of the following are great books for men and soul growth!

Robert Bly
Iron John - What! You've never read the great-grand daddy of all "men's books?" Well then... it's time for you to "man up" and get a copy! A used hard cover edition is a huge steal at, and this book is a keeper! Check it out

Moore and Gillette
King, Warrior, Magician and Lover : Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine Check it out

James Hollis
Under Saturn's Shadow, The Wounding and Healing of Men - Potentially a life changing book! It's not easy reading, but I highly, highly recommend it. This is a book written from a Jungian psychological perspective and is (despite the title) not strictly speaking an "astrology book" (which, of course, doesn't keep one from applying it to astrology).  Check it out

Sam Keen
Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man Check it out

Guy Corneau
Absent Fathers, Lost Sons: The Search for Masculine Identity Check it out

Michael Meade
Men and the Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of Men Check it out

James Hillman
The Soul's Code : In Search of Character and Calling  Check it out

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