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Dr Z and JoséDr Z's Crash Course

A Few "Rough-edged" Basics, Shortcuts, And Oversimplifications (For Folks Who Know Virtually Nothing About Astrology and for Folks Who Want A Refresher Course)

Our natal (or birth) charts are special "sky maps" that reflect (mirror back) and symbolize the exact moment we drew our first breath. And with that first breath, we each began our own incredible hero's journey through life on planet Earth....

The birth positions of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all play their own unique symbolic roles as messengers and ambassadors of the universe.... On top of that - there are 12 signs, 12 houses (and much more) that go into making up our unique, complex, and complicated birth charts...

Bare Bones Basics?

If you somehow managed to arrange for a meeting of one hundred astrologers and gave them each the task of creating a short, concise, consensus document about the "bare bones" basics of astrology - then it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you've obviously never been in a room filled with one hundred astrologers!

The truth is that astrologers are:

Get two astrologers together and you'll end up with three opinions.

My Best Advice?

Don't ask one hundred astrologers to sit down and create a short, concise, consensus document… instead, read what I have to say about the basics - and then go to the sites of other astrologers on the Web.

Read and compare... read and compare... read and compare... (but of course I'm more nearly correct than any other astrologer I know about....)

Decision Time:

I'm now providing visitors with 2 different options... you can choose Option One on the left (the regular, full-blown, cram packed with basic information on chart interpretation) or Option Two (for folks who don't much like to read and/or those who don't necessarily want to know it all.


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