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Digging Deeper Into The Astrological Aspects

When two planets share one of these poignant connections - called an aspect - they actively exchange energy with one another. They dialogue and interact with one another like two characters in play or movie.

Perhaps (depending on the two planets involved and the "type" of aspect) their energies will blend - and so they'll be happy and compatible companions... or, maybe, the two planet's energies will conflict with each other - and as a result they'll wind up in opposite corners and feuding with each other.

But whatever the case, the connections between the planets reflect the myths or plots (attitudes, beliefs and especially actions) that strongly shape our lives and our journey...

Some astrologers feel that aspects are among the most important indicators of actions and behaviors in the birth chart, and much more telling of actions and behaviors than are the signs and/or houses.

Examples (gross oversimplifications)
of Moon Connection Myths:

Moon/Saturn - "the hungry, deprived child"

Moon/Uranus - "the abandoned child"

Moon/Neptune - "the lost child"

Moon/Pluto - "the violated child"

Of course, no two people with a Moon/Saturn connection are going to play out the part (live out the myth) in exactly the same way... but a typical underlying belief statement of someone with a Moon/Saturn connection might be something like:

"I'll never receive the emotional nurturing I need to survive. I'll always be disappointed and go away hungry...."

Hooray for Hollywood!

I'm about to get myself in trouble. It's been a very l-o-n-g time since I took Literature 102 and Theatre 203.

Hailing from a "Jungian" or "depth psychology" background, I've picked up the careless habit of throwing out phrases like: "living out the myth." I forget that we've all been pretty much conditioned to think of a "myth" as being nothing more than a make-believe story.

Fact is - that the old Greek myths are getting played out all of the time in our regular world of "time and space" reality. So, I'm now experimenting with a brand new approach to this.

The Play's The Thing...

Imagine you're a famous actor/actress. Your agent calls you up. He/she says you've just been offered the starring role in a brand new Steven Spielberg movie called:

Revenge of the Zodiac Master

For the sake of the example... we're pretending that you're a serious-minded thespian that wouldn't choose to star in a movie just because you'll be making some mega-bucks.

So after finding out how much money you'll be making - what's one of the first things you're gonna wanna know about the movie?

"What's the movie about?" (Remember, you're a serious thespian.)

Your agent informs you that it's about the "rise to fame and glory of an extremely talented astrologer!"

Sounds pretty good, you say... but you'd still like to take a look at the script.

Your agent hesitates for a second - and then explains that it's one of those "experimental, improvisational" pieces.

The actors in each scene are given the "situations" and "possible outcomes" - and then the actors intuitively act out the "situations" without a written script or dialogue. (It's a Robin Williams kind of thing....)

Back to reality

Here's where I get into trouble (and it starts to get confusing), because the natal (birth) chart is a lot like starring in this improvisational movie.

The movie has a name, a main plot (and sub-plots), the main characters (and supporting roles), the dialogue between the actors, and the general situations with possible outcomes.

But remember, the dialogue is going to be improvisational.

As the star of the movie - you've chosen a role to play. If someone like Sean Connery, for instance, had gotten the part - then he'd probably make a lot of acting "choices" that you wouldn't make.

One further leap
This is going to get a wee bit confusing - but consider the Planets in the chart to be a lot like the main characters (and supporting roles) in your movie.

Consider the Aspects in a chart to be a lot like the dialogue and actions between the different actors.

Consider the 12 Zodiac Signs and 12 houses to be a lot like the plots, themes and/or situations.

Some dialogue and actions (aspects) between the actors (planets) will end up being more important than other parts of the dialogue and actions (aspects).

The most important and memorable moments of dialogue are what will win the actor (planet) an Oscar. Other parts of the dialogue will be barely noticed by the critics.

Remember the myths I mentioned earlier?

Examples (gross oversimplifications)
of Moon Connection Myths:

Moon/Saturn - "the hungry, deprived child"

Moon/Uranus - "the abandoned child"

Moon/Neptune - "the lost child"

Moon/Pluto - "the violated child"


Saturn: "Life is very hard, cold, and cruel! This, my child, is the most important lesson I have to teach you."

Moon: "But mother, in order to feel whole and complete, I so desperately need to feel your motherly warmth, love, and reassurance!"

Saturn: "That may be, my child... but I need you to understand that I was so harsh, cold, and distant while you were growing up - simply because I was protecting you from all the harsher realities of life. I didn't want you building up any false expectations from life."

Moon: "Mother, I still don't understand your harsh ways - and, yet, I'm sure you're right. You are so very wise and experienced, and I am so young and know so very little... I'm quite sure you're right... I'll never get what I need in order to feel emotionally nurtured, safe, and secure!

I promise you that, from this day forward, I'll learn to expect very little emotional satisfaction from life. That way I can never be disappointed..."

Choices... choices... choices... even if you and I both happen to have the Moon/Uranus - "the abandoned child" theme in our charts, I won't likely make all of the same choices you'd make, and you hopefully (if you're smart) won't make all of the choices I've made...
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