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What's Your Angle?


Planets located directly on the "angles" of a chart are muy importante! (very important). Planets located directly on the "angles" - color the entire chart.

Planets located directly on the angles are absolutely vital to understanding the birth chart.

Planets located directly on these four angles of the chart are located in:


I generally allow for up to 5 to 7 degrees on either side of the angle. Some allow for less. Some allow for more.

Have you gotten the idea, yet, that I think planets located directly on the angles of a chart is a very significant topic? You're right! .

Dan Lorey's Unconventional Theory

There's a rather unique and unconventional chart interpretation theory propounded by a guy named Daniel Lorey. Dan doesn't use the Tropical zodiac signs - and he also doesn't use traditional houses. His chart interpretation theory is based primarily on:

        • Quadrants
        • Planets placed directly on the angle power zones
        • Aspects between the planets.

Four Archetypal Energies

The four angles (and their corresponding quadrants) are related to four primary archetypal energies:

  • The King - the Midheaven
    (with affinities to the Sun and Jupiter)

  • The Magician - the I.C.
    (with affinities to Mercury, Saturn and Pluto)

  • The Lover - the Descendant
    (with affinities to Venus and Neptune)

  • The Warrior - the Ascendant
    (with affinities to Mars and Uranus)
The Wildman

Then there's a fifth sort of "roving" archetypal energy. This energy is called the "Wildman" and is associated with the energies of the Moon.

I like much of what Dan has to say on the matter and even incorporate it into my birth chart interpretations. Sure, there's a lot I can't "buy." (I can't help being a traditional sort of guy.) Dan once upon a time had his own web site, but it now appears to have gone the way of the gooney bird (it's extinct).

So, for anyone interested, the name of his book is: The Wildman, The Earth and the Stars -- An Astrology of Masculine Archetypes. Dan's book appears to be currently out of print, but I still occasionally see it hanging out on the shelves of major book stores.

As you can tell (by the name of the book), his focus is on the Masculine Psyche. However, applying his principles to the Feminine Psyche is not a hard stretch. And please remember, it is a wee bit unique and unconventional....

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